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    South Africa
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    Gaming, Music, Lighting, Sound engineering, Programming, Security
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    Lighting Director


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    Intel core i5 2320
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    12Gb DDR3
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    Zalman Z9 Plus
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    Kingstand SSD and some TB of mech
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    650w Antec
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    Zalman 23" HD display
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    Cooler Master SickleFlow
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    pair of momentum's which sound sick and a asus xonar sound card
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    Windows 10

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  1. Access to the files on that drive. Namely game files is now being denied. He has had to go through the permissions manager to give himself access to those files again.
  2. Mine updated perfectly fine to 1709. Took about 30 minutes to do its thing, no settings were changed. It came back with the new features and nothing else. That being said my friend didnt have his external hard drive plugged in and when he came back there were massive ownership issues on the files on that drive which he is still resolving.
  3. Flir got a $7.9 Million from DARPA and now there is GIANT backdoors in their devices. Coincidence? I think not!!!!!!! Source: https://globalbiodefense.com/2013/01/30/flirs-agentase-receives-7-9m-darpa-award/
  4. Right now they are building the site in html and other web frameworks. This maximizes the amount of people they can reach for the hours spent on development and so is probably the focus. Native apps for Windows UWP and macOS not only needs more development time and therefore money. As Linus said in this weeks WAN show the reason LinusMediaGroup is doing so well is that they make smart decisions and spend money wisely. Putting all of this effort into unlocking a couple of extra features native to windows does not seem wise. I would rather they invested in downloader apps that automatically grab subscribed content onto a users media server. This requires less coding as a massive UI is not needed and buys them time deploying cloud infrastructure as many people can automatically download content instead of stream it. I also know that that is an unlikely addition for the same time = money thing. I just hope for an open api that other developers like me can work with to create stuff like that.
  5. Each game uses the cpu in different ways so there is no way to standardize it in a way that allows you to say you need 2x the computation power to double your frame rate. You could benchmark certain games like City Skylines or Rise of the tomb raider with different framerate limits to see what they does to the cpu load when playing those games.
  6. Could it be that Task Manager is displaying the current frequency but the other utilities are displaying the base clock?
  7. As far as I know Windows 7 and 8, 8.1 etc do not support Ryzen and whatever the latest Intel cpu is. Use Windows 10
  8. It depends on how cpu intensive the game is. If the game is heavily cpu intensive then limiting your frames to 30fps will reduce cpu usage.
  9. Not much of an option here. That is just the temperature where I am in Winter. I am not gonna wrap my laptop up in a blanket to keep it warm, I doubt that will work as well.
  10. So just an update on this. I decided to continue playing CS Go last night but left my laptop off for a solid 9 hours in 4 degree weather. When I turned it back on the spot was gone.
  11. Thanks for the help. Very sad about what happened though
  12. It must of been heat then. Was playing CSGO when it happened. I either rage hit it by mistake or the heat killed it. Will it go back to normal with time or is it permanent?
  13. No magnetic hard drives in my system. I do not know what else could be causing it? Its on the side closest to the power connector and heatsink if that helps?
  14. Hi there. I recently noticed a patch at the bottom of my screen. Does anyone know what causes it or how to fix it? Below is a picture of it