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  1. Okay thanks i will give it a try, i will just have to put it all together again then Will reply in here if it works
  2. Nope i only had windows and chrome installed Is the problem windows or hardware or maybe both ?
  3. It no longer boot to windows keep restarting at bios screen giving a q code and oled screen says check cpu
  4. I have used it a few times working fine cpu temp steady at 29° Then yesterday it booted worked for an hour then shut down and kept coming up with these bluescreens
  5. Asus Z490 extreme I9-10900k 1×480 & 2×420 Samsung ssd m.2 1tb Windows on 500gb seagate gen4 Asus thor 1200p 16gb ram trident z gold 4600mhz Asus 1060 ti 25 QL corsair fans mixed 140 and 120
  6. I have taken all components out of the case except the cpu block and the cpu
  7. Hi i just bought the i9-10900k and asus z490 maximus XII extreme And I get multiply bluescreens please help
  8. When i tapped the bios button it said updating bios 1 and bios 2 after 30minuts and 10-20 restarts its all working thanks
  9. Asus z490 maximus XII extreme
  10. Non of them lit up the first day of use then they lit up and the pc crashed its an 5-7 years old 600w power supply the pc is abut 500w usage i have ordered a new The psu have 1 cpu 8pin but there are 2 on the mother board
  11. Hi i just finished my build I have updated the bios and the drivers that came along with the boards USB The HD led i blinking orange The Bios led 1 is a constant orange light I can turn on the device and use it for 1-5 minuts
  12. Motherboard is the: Asus Z490 MAXIMUS XII EXTREME
  13. I bought the FireCuda Gen4 500gb i wanted to use it for windows and csgo. but i just realised i have a motherboard that doesnt support gen4 but will it still run even tho not as fast ? or will it just not work at all ? i broke the seal so i cant return it...