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Nick Bolton

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    London, UK
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    I'm the CEO of Symless, the people behind Synergy.
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    CEO of Symless

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  1. Nick Bolton

    Thinking of getting Synergy

    I hope I understand your meaning. I used an optical audio cable (S/PDIF or TOSLINK) from my Mac Mini to my PC to solve this issue. My Mac Mini has an optical audio out, but I needed to buy a new sound card to have optical audio input on my PC (maybe there's a USB one). Then I enable "Listen to this device" in sound settings (which mixes in the audio from the Mac) and use my PC's sound as the primary output. I tried this using analog audio cables but the audio quality was awful, which is why I switched to digital. Works quite well. p.s. Thanks for considering Synergy, we had a lot of flack after releasing Synergy 2 Beta (we've since taken this off the market) which is why we've gone back to the drawing board and stuck with Synergy 1 for the time being. Please let me or my team know if you have any questions.
  2. Nick Bolton

    Synergy 1 and 2 not allowing drag and drop

    Hi there, thanks for tagging me. Microsoft released an API update that broke the file drag and drop feature (however, it still works from macOS to macOS). We have been trying to fix this, but it's taking longer than we expected. We are planning to remove the feature advertisement from our website since the fix could be a few months away. I really appreciate that this is really frustrating, especially if you bought the product for that particular feature. Normally we only issue refunds within 30 days of purchase, but in this instance, we are certainly happy to give you a refund if your purchase was more than 30 days ago. Would you mind contacting us so we can issue your refund? Thanks!
  3. Nick Bolton

    I know synergy is a sponsor of LTT but...

    Hi everyone, I'm the CEO of Symless, the company behind Synergy. Firstly, thanks to everyone for their feedback, I really appreciate that you've all taken the time to share your experiences. I would like to acknowledge that Synergy 2 was very unsuccessful in achieving its goals, which was due to releasing too early. It was my decision to make Synergy 2 available for sale when we did; it was premature and I take full responsibility for this. The main driver for this was to fuel the company's growth, but we ran before we could walk. The next major version of Synergy is currently in development and aims to address the issues mentioned in this thread by greatly improving stability, adding significant configurability, and by having a total UX/UI redesign (we're actually using a completely different technology stack). Rest assured, this new version will look and feel nothing like Synergy 2, and it'll have all the best bits from Synergy 1. We've learned a lot of very important lessons from Synergy 2, and this will help us to not repeat the mistakes in the next version. We will also be working on Synergy 1 simultaneously so that our users have a working version in the meantime. So, how long will this take? Sadly, as LTT advertising represented about 30% of our generated revenue last year, the lack of LTT advertising going forward could potentially extend our development time for the new version of Synergy by 12 months (from two years to three years total development time). It is very unfortunate for Symless that LTT has decided not to move forward with us as a sponsor, but I certainly don't take it personally. I appreciate that LTT takes their users opinions very seriously, and I respect their decision to react quickly based on this thread. Because we rushed Synergy 2 and failed, we are going to take our time with the next major version so that we don't find ourselves in the same situation once more. In the meantime, while we are developing the next major version of Synergy, we will attempt to solve issues in Synergy 1 such as the high DPI mouse bug pointed out in the OP. It is our intention to regain the trust of LTT and their users as soon as possible so that we can restore the original development timeframe. Thanks to all those who stuck with us so far, we really appreciate the support. Thanks, Nick
  4. Hey Tonmoy, I'm really sorry to hear that you didn't manage to get Synergy working. It's probably a simple config fix, and I'd love to see if we can help you. Usually, it's really easy to tell from the logs. I see that you opened a support ticket and got a refund already, but it looks like you didn't attach any logs. Without any information (logs, errors, etc), there's no way for us to tell what went wrong. Would you mind sending us your logs? It's super easy to do, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Nick
  5. Nick Bolton

    PSA: Synergy 2.0 is terrible!

    Ah, I'm so sorry to hear that. Was it Synergy 2 Beta or Synergy 1 that you were using? If anyone else is struggling with the beta, we highly recommend you switch back to Synergy 1 (stable version).
  6. Nick Bolton

    Synergy and VPNs

    Hey there, some VPN clients do block out local network traffic for security. This can cause issues for Synergy users since a LAN connection is required. You can sometimes ask your sysadmin to disable the LAN blocking feature, but quite often corporate policy doesn't allow it. If you can ping other computers on your LAN while the VPN is active, then Synergy should work. If you have any other questions or if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know!
  7. Nick Bolton

    PSA: Synergy 2.0 is terrible!

    @Delvien Thank you for your candid feedback and thanks for testing Synergy 2 Beta, I really appreciate it. Remember, you can get a refund if you're not happy (even with the early access beta). We do appreciate that the beta version isn't very stable, and we have identified some huge design flaws. To solve this, we're re-designing Synergy 2 from the ground up so that it'll be way more configurable and much more reliable.
  8. Nick Bolton

    Synergy promotion code?

    Partially, yes. Synergy 2 Beta is split into 2 parts; an open source core, and a proprietary config app (the GUI). If you're happy to use the command line and text files, you can compile the core for free and use it that way. Synergy 2 Beta in it's full, non-free form is currently in early access which you can purchase as an optional extra for $9.00 USD (after purchasing Synergy 1 Basic for $29.00 USD). If you purchase early access to Synergy 2 Beta, you'll get the finished version at no extra cost. In case you missed it, Synergy 2 is back to beta.
  9. Nick Bolton

    PSA: Synergy 2.0 is terrible!

    Hey @servicefly, thanks for visiting our forums. I try my best to be as responsive and helpful as possible to Synergy customers. Could I ask, what bugs in particular are you waiting on to be fixed?
  10. Nick Bolton

    Synergy promotion code?

    Hey there, I'm Nick, from the Synergy Team. Right now we're not offering any discounts on Synergy. We've decided not to do any discounts for the meantime, as discounts cause higher support ticket volumes than we can handle right now, which impacts the quality of service for other customers. I hope you understand, and I hope you decide to give Synergy a try (don't forget about our 100% Seamless Guarantee). Please let me know if you have any questions, or if there's anything I can do to help. Thanks, Nick
  11. Sorry about that. What problem did you have? Did you raise a support ticket?
  12. Nick Bolton

    PSA: Synergy 2.0 is terrible!

    Ah, that label was badly named, so we removed it. It was actually referring to issues imported from the old issue tracker that needed to be rewritten. Hmm, what makes you say that? If a post is from a new user and is formed of purely obscene language with no constructive feedback, our volunteer moderators do tend to remove this sort of thing. But that's really rare. Is that what you're talking about? Most people have useful and constructive feedback (both negative and positive). See for yourself: https://symless.com/forums/forum/17-general-discussion/ Thanks for sharing. This is 1 of 1360 forks. In the open source world, it's pretty normal to create a fork. Here's the full list: https://github.com/symless/synergy-core/network/members
  13. Nick Bolton

    PSA: Synergy 2.0 is terrible!

    Yep, you're totally right. We removed the voting feature about 4 years ago, so I'm really surprised to see people still talking about it. To clarify, the neo layout issue is not impossible to fix, it's simply lower priority. I understand that it was reported a few years ago, but we prioritize fixes depending on customer demand (not on the age of the issue). And we're more than happy to refund people if they're not happy. Anyway, I hope that info helps! If anyone is having problems with Synergy 2, please could you contact technical support? https://symless.com/contact/customer-support
  14. Nick Bolton

    Synergy 2 is here with SSL for everyone BUT with a catch [Update]

    Hey guys, Please excuse my necroposting! I thought perhaps after 3 months of development, I'd check in on this. Has anyone had a chance to check out the latest version? Synergy 2.0.6 fixes many stability issues. Let me know! If you're having issues, please could you open a support ticket? https://symless.com/contact/customer-support Thanks, Nick Bolton Synergy Team CEO of Symless
  15. Nick Bolton

    PSA: Synergy 2.0 is terrible!

    Ah, you mean the legacy label? That's simply to show it was imported from the old issue tracker. I'll remove it, since it seems to be causing some confusion. It's still a valid issue, don't worry. Being a tiny software company, this means that we can't work on every single issue that's reported (even if they were reported years ago and even if people voted for them). Sorry for the delay in replying to that issue, I'll have a meeting with the development team on Monday to reassess the priority of the neo layout issue. Also, thanks for your $100 donation back in 2012 when we were a donations-only open source project! That's very cool of you, and we really appreciate your contribution. It made a big difference to our tiny project! If you've decided that you now regret donating as your issue didn't get fixed, I'm more than happy to send your $100 back. How would you like me to do this? Do you have a PayPal address I can send it to?