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  1. Seanabo

    so i just bought a 144hz monitor and this sh*t happens

    Have you tried reseating all of your cables, reseating your GPU, and using a different PCIe slot? If the problem sometimes seems to "fix itself" there is hope in finding a permanent fix.
  2. Seanabo

    New Build won't post

    It sounds similar to a MOBO problem I had in the past, I ended up exchanging my board for another of the same kind and got a post. I'd check with any friends/neighbors/friendly craigslist folks who will let you test your RAM in their systems to see if they get a post, but it feels most likely that your MOBO is bad.
  3. Seanabo

    Why is my computer so low?

    The keyboard and headset, individually, cost twice as much as the CPU. You probably can't return the CPU, but If it's not too late to return those peripherals, I'd recommend spending some that money on at least a Ryzen 5 2600 (~$150 USD), getting rid of the HyperX modules and staying with just the 16 GB of memory so you can run it at 3600.
  4. Seanabo

    PC not starting up.

    What steps have you taken to troubleshoot so far? It could be as simple as reseating all the power cables going into your mobo if you haven't already. If you already have done that, try following these steps to test if your PSU has gone bad:
  5. Seanabo

    Universal RGB Port Hub?

    I think I posted this in the wrong section and I don't know how to delete this post...... sorry Wanted to keep the title short, but I'm having trouble finding an RGB hub that I can plug multiple RGB components into (couple case fans, an LED strip, etc.) but doesn't require my motherboard to have an RGB header on it and can be controlled by software rather than a remote. Most I find either require me to have an RGB header already, or they use a remote that only allows for 16ish colors and 4 modes.
  6. CPU: Ryzen 3 1200 Mobo: Gigabyte AB350n (Mini ITX) RAM: T-Force Delta 2x4 GB at 2666Hz Using PSU and GPU that are from another working computer, I still have no post. I had a friend test the RAM in his PC and he got past post and got to windows on his machine, so I know the RAM works, but maybe there is a compatibility issue with my Mobo that I don't know about. The RGB's light up on the RAM and Mobo, CPU and GPU fans are spinning, but no post. Given that I know the RAM works, is there any telling signs that I'm missing? Or is there no way to tell if the issue is the CPU, the Mobo, or a RAM compatibility issue.
  7. Seanabo

    Computer Freezing, Restarting On Its Own

    Found the issue. One stick of RAM wasn't pushed in all the way from my last cleaning......... also explains why windows was saying I only had 4 gb of useable memory out of 8. Thanks for the help
  8. Seanabo

    Computer Freezing, Restarting On Its Own

    Sorry for the late reply, was working. I tested with the other PSU I have, using onboard graphics, and I'm still freezing. I was able to have Open Hardware Monitor running for as long as I wanted, but whenever I went to resize the window or open Chrome and resize that window, that's when it freezes. I'm guessing this leaves the problem to the Mobo or RAM. What's weird, is last night it froze up for just a second, and was able to get past it and played CSGO for 3 hours but this morning, I'm back to freezing any time I resize a window.
  9. Seanabo

    Computer Freezing, Restarting On Its Own

    It's been idling the last 10 min and the CPU is now hovering at 10 C. The temp outside and in my house is 21 C. Should I be concerned about this?
  10. Seanabo

    Computer Freezing, Restarting On Its Own

    This is from 1 min ago
  11. Seanabo

    Computer Freezing, Restarting On Its Own

    I have another PSU I can test with, but it doesn't have an 8-pin for my GPU so I'll have to use onboard graphics to test it. I guess that can narrow it down between PSU/GPU or CPU for the cause?
  12. Seanabo

    Computer Freezing, Restarting On Its Own

    I got Open Hardware Monitor to open, the temps were all around 16 C. I accidentally dragged the window, and it caused the computer to crash
  13. Specs: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/seanabo/saved/QQpFTW My PC blue screened while playing CSGO 2 days ago. Ever since, my computer will occasionally freeze up (sound will do that thing ya know, screen will have random sections chopped up) and then it reboots. This will happen when on YouTube and any other application at the same time. Also, while playing Destiny and being in-game for about 10 minutes, the game and Battle.net client will crash, however my computer will stay running fine. Haven't had any issues in CSGO since the blue screen. Where should I start the troubleshooting? Edit: Just froze up again while only trying to view this post, although this time it didn't force a restart, it's just sitting frozen on the forum page
  14. Seanabo

    Ethernet IP Configuration Problem

    Bridging the connections worked this time around, hopefully I won't have any more issues.
  15. Seanabo

    Ethernet IP Configuration Problem

    I have the wifi connection set to Shared. Honestly, completely forgot to try bridging this time around, but last time I had this issue bridging didn't work either. When I'm home, I'll try setting up a static IP. It may take a while because I don't know s**t about networking, I'll let you know if I get stuck or can't get it to work.