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  1. zdemigod

    Why you shouldn't water cool your PC

    My one question is why the hell did noctua go with that brownish color. I would never use an AiO but i feel bad staring at my black and white pc if it would have a huge brown air cooler.
  2. zdemigod

    Is Apple Even TRYING?? – Airpods 2 Review

    you dont have to show it off, but status is obviously part of the appeal of apple.
  3. zdemigod

    Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?

    You are certainly offended, I don't like it either but I have learned to just completely ignore the title and go straight into the video. It doesn't bother me though.
  4. zdemigod

    Suggest me good Multiplayer Games

    Its very fun, I am making a survival server with my college friends once 1.14 comes out. good for a few days of just relax online.
  5. zdemigod

    Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?

    Honestly while i like intel nvidia over amd i always thought on lower end that amd would destroy intel since all the love amd has been getting since ryzen came out. Then again i was never convinced having 6 cores was that much of an improvement over 4 cores for gaming. I personally dont care about streaming and editing and i bet a lot of gamers don't too so thank god he went straight to gaming. I'm quite surprised seeing them this close.
  6. zdemigod

    Anyone else seeing this ?!?!

    Fortran, you are a living legend. my teachers always talk about the good ol days of fortan and cobol.
  7. zdemigod

    Anyone else seeing this ?!?!

    Guys keep your opinions of the content of both channels out of this, it dirties the discussion. The point is, this dude has assumed Linus is some tech Mafia that has decided he shouldn't exist, he assumed LMG of extreme ignorance and Ill will want him out of the game. I don't watch him But the attitude in his video is just terrible. I feel for LMG, i want to feel for the affected youtuber but his attitude is making it SO hard. It doesnt really matter if you think his content is raw, good, bad. Or LMG content is clickbaity, sellout, good, bad etc.
  8. I just hope this ends as fast as possible, I really prefer Linus way of just focusing on what he does and resolving things in private. Too much online outrage these days. I have lost sense of importance since now everything is terrible, outrageous, disastrous, shouldn't be allowed nor permitted.
  9. They called it G sync compatible, and renamed G sync to G sync certified and the hdr to G sync ultimate.
  10. Maingear wins over all no doubt. if someone non tech savy were to ask me for a pc, I'm totally sending them there.
  11. Thats interesitng, i keep hearing that the 1080 is a bit better than the 2070, guess not! good to know.
  12. Are these results with OC? it seems that 2070 is (by a bit) better than a 1080
  13. Everything seems to run fine, this sounds starts at bios so I don't think its a software related problem. Recently I had a bit of a problem with my motherboard and rotten screws which I had to get rough on. Also recently moved my PC closer to me and layed it down (it's a full atx case) and installed an m.2 ssd with electric/heat resistant tape until screws I ordered arrived from Amazon. This could totally be a "thats a normal of noise" but I think it's too loud. (My PC can't be under stress in bios) Here is a g drive link to a .wav of the noise. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cqtTv1VeGfIfUw-PFZuGwvBMoZr2TNdt/view?usp=drivesdk Any info appreciated, I'm scared something might go boom. Other info: -temps are fine -i have stopped fans and noise persists -it starts in bios, maintains in Windows and ubuntu, sometimes stops (in both os) -it sometime "lags" like it's about to stop but it doesn't. Like stutter. -its really annoying. Hardware: Probably slightly damaged Msi krait gaming 3x I5 6600k no oc Gtx 1080 No water cooling, 6 fans A 750w EVGA gold psu
  14. I thought that too but no screw fits in there at least none that the case came with. , from what I see from the msi vid the standoff is a wider X and that's the screw that's in it