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  1. How is Razer overpriced? Every brand seems to have the same tiers. I have Logitech, Mionix and Razer and they all work as intended. Seems like Razer has a lot of blind hate.
  2. Works in canada, just in canadian dollars, got GoT =) thanks
  3. I have the same think with my Naos 7000. Sometimes clicking really hard will do it, sometimes regular force is all it needs. Other times it wont work at all. Not sure why.
  4. Does this mean a Canadian can get a t-mobile sim and just use them instead of the regional carriers?
  5. Not sure what caused the random failure. It has fell the the floor a few times but nothing too serious. I've contacted Mionix support and hoping I can get an rma or something. Not quite understanding that last part.
  6. Happens on any surface. Black mouse mat, grey desk, sheet of paper etc. Yeah I'm hoping its not this, but maybe. The mouse is only a few months old so I'm hoping there is something else that could be blamed. thanks for the quick replies
  7. I have the mionix naos 7000 and it has been working perfectly until yesterday. I was working with an older laptop and when I plugged the mouse in I noticed that the cursor was moving randomly. I thought it was just the computer being silly and so I unplugged it and continued using the laptop. I now tried to use the mouse on my computer at work and it has the same jittery behaviour. I tried cleaning the sensor in case debris was obstructing it but it hasn't helped. The mouse also only goes erratic when on a surface ( when upside down there is no movement) In the video that I linked I have the mouse upside down and have my finger over the sensor to show how it behaves. (mouse is set to 50 dpi so you can see how it moves) TLDR: mouse acting funny and doesn't appear to be caused by stuff on the sensor
  8. Did it to a friend. It kept crashing every time he tried to open our conversation. Mwuahaha.
  9. Mount this under your desk http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20047898/
  10. I just got these from a friend for free the other day. The jacks had been torn off. A little soldering later and I have myself a headset. =D
  11. I'd say go to the skyrim nexus and scroll through the top mods. Install the ones you like and delete them if they impact performance. I know there is a mod that adds LOTR weapons and stuff which I found fun. Happy Searching.
  12. I recently got the 650s and found that its a toss up between the 558s and 650s for me. I change my mind depending on the song. If you already have a good open pair of headphones i'd say you might be better off saving your money, but that's just my opinion.
  13. I really like the e10s that I have. The cable almost never tangles which is nice. Id say get those and a some comply tips and you should be happy =D
  14. I found that the 558s are better in my opinion. They seemed to have more wub wub sub bass.
  15. The 650s are good for gaming but i'd get something else if you listen to a lot of dubstep.