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    PCGuy_5960 reacted to AluminiumTech for a blog entry, Why Android Phones are better | A response to LTT video   
    Throughout friday of last week and this past weekend, many of you replied and told the truth about why you bought an Android phone.
    Today I wanted to consolidate what we learned about why people buy Android Phones and to remind people that Android is awesome and nothing Apple fanboys say can take away from that.
    Reasons to buy Android phones:
    * iPhones are too expensive
    @Sauron has stated:
    @LordOTaco says:
    @Spotty explains:
    @DarkEnergy states:
    * IOS is buggy
    @Morgan MLGman writes:
    * Customization
    @Drak3 explains:
    @Bouzoo says:
    @D13H4RD2L1V3 states:
    @seon123 says:
    * Because Apple is Evil and Because Apple are dicks
    @WereCatf explains:
    @aki adaki states:
    @PCGuy_5960 says:
    * Because Apple doesn't care about what you think or want - It's their way or the highway.
    @suicidalfranco writes:
    * Because Android is Open
    @AluminiumTech writes:
    @GoldenLag explains:
    Thanks for participating in last week's discussion! The thread is still open:
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    PCGuy_5960 reacted to LogicalDrm for a blog entry, LTT/Forum App   
    These questions seem to be more common now than ever. This is list of link to all of those threads. Or as many as I can find. Under each link is quotes from my reply and any official/semi-official if given. Note that this list doesn't cover times this has been asked in old Features and Suggestions thread in its many iterations.
    Btw. If you know thread which isn't listed, tag me (for new ones) or PM (for old ones, >1 months).
    July 8th: Moved 2016 and 2017 to their own posts. Side note; No posts that I've seen since May. Whole month. FPC app requests aren't counted. May 9th: Moved 2015 to its own post. Removed some stats from yearly posts. Considering of change in order (current is from newest to oldest). Jan 5th: Moved 2014 to its own post. Added booksmarks to my browser for faster editing in future. Dec 31st: Moved 2013 to its own post, with improved date system and more stats.  
    Latest LMG level answer for the question:
    Latest administrator level answer for the question:
    Latest moderator/dev level answer for the question:
    Stats (Date & Time uses CET which is -1 for my own timezone and +1 UTC. Times in 24h format.)
    Total topic created on subject: 85
    Yearly stats - 2013: 17 - 2014: 14 - 2015: 13 - 2016: 27 - 2017: 14
    Yearly average (until 2016): 17.8
    Most in month: 7 (May 2013)
    Monthly average (until Dec 2016): 1.5
    Most in a Day... Just kidding. No, seriously: 2 (Jan 5, 2017)
    Shortest time between topics: 15h 45min (Jan 5, 05:41 - Jan 5, 21:26, 2017)
    Longest time between topics: 104d 7h 28min (Mar 17 - Jun 26, 2014)
    Latest: Aug 2, 11:54, 2017
    Oldest: Jan 3, 18:20, 2013
    Change date to more easier to read. (WIP) Move each year to own post and link here (WIP)  
    Dates in format DD/MM/YYYY (until 2016)