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  1. Agreed but also depends on if you get it from a hoster, Then they normally have it for a small price a month. Ubuntu will use less resources than Windows Server does and normally doesn't have too many UDP and TCP issues that you might need to deal with it. If you know how to use ubuntu server, Then go for it. Should make a better experience for your gamers
  2. HI there, I had the same problem yesterday with a friends headset. After awhile i got it to work by removing the drivers, so when it comes up at the bottom saying not recognizable. I clicked on that and then when to that device and removed the drivers and when i plugged in it again. Win7 installed the drivers and all was good. very strange
  3. Sheldon

    internet cafe

    Hi there! Firstly software you can worry about later. You need the hardware to do this. What do you have right now and do you have this internet cafe? Sheldon
  4. You could get on before you messed around with your IP? The college could have blocked Origin?
  5. Sheldon

    PC gone mad

    Maybe try reinstalling the OS?
  6. Sheldon

    Free Hypervisors?

    You will need the vCenter. I see your problem.
  7. Sheldon

    Free Hypervisors?

    They removed the RAM limit!
  8. Sheldon

    VPN question

    A proxy won't work for you. They will see and stop it.....
  9. Sheldon

    VPN question

    Use Tor. Its easier and you can run it off a USB stick https://www.torproject.org/
  10. Sheldon

    VPN question

    They can not see in a VPN connection. That is a tunnel to the house. They can see that it is a VPN connection but not what you are looking at.
  11. Sheldon

    VPN question

    Well if you use OpenVPN as a client you could but your school could block the ports that some VPN's use so you would need to try and see if they have the ports open that you need.
  12. A would work but it depends on if that network will have internet access, if not then B would and C you would be able to use gigabit all round.
  13. I have used the before on test builds and I know guys that use it now. There's nothing wrong with it. It comes down to your code.
  14. Wait I get it! You want to upload your HTML code. Ok then use http://www.1freehosting.com/ to upload it via FTP.
  15. I was just about say GitHub! That and you could use http://www.1freehosting.com/ later on but that takes some more skill.