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  1. Thanks! this helps a lot. I do think my case is showing it's age now and probably is the biggest bottleneck here. Which premium case should I go with you think?
  2. Hi, I'm having problems cooling a 5950x and a 3080 inside a very old CoolerMaster Storm Stryker case. Ambient is around 24'C as its summer here. For cooling I have noctua fans on the case, and NH-D15 for the CPU. The cooling doesn't seem to be cutting it as temperatures are still going up fairly high around 75+ cpu/gpu which I do know is acceptable but I use the rig almost 24/7 so i'm planning to spend for a complete overhaul to keep temperatures even lower. I'm planning to buy an AIO + a newer case with added fans. Any recommendations on what should I change or buy to m
  3. Turned PBO off and it's a huge difference. I'm guessing something is sketchy with PBO at the moment at the latest BIOS. Going to turn it off for now thanks
  4. Yea i didnt really had this issue before.. I just checked the mounting and they are fine so the airflow might be low at this rate. I'll put my fans on high RPM for now
  5. Currently using an NH-D15 on a 5950x with PBO on, and my PC gets stupid hot, double checked mounting and thermal paste and they are ok. The max temp is just me using my PC, no video editing or similar sort but i am a heavy user overall (lots of browsers / system admin software, gaming simulaneously on the side). Should i switch to an AIO at this point? Airflow on my case should be ok as well.
  6. Hi, i tend to move a lot and currently using a CM storm stryker case. It's quite heavy so i'm trying to look for a lighter and much mobile case. I'm using an ATX motherboard currenty
  7. Are these normal for 5950x? Currently on an NH-D15 Edit: No manual OC, just PBO enabled
  8. I've been trying todo some overclocking on my 5950x and currently using a NH-D15(was using an AIO before and it was ok for a while but it degraded after 4 years). It seems ok on normal use, but when I try to do benchmarks, overclocking, heavy multithread loads the Noctua is not doing so good as it's hitting 80c thermals fairly quickly. Do I go custom water cooling at this point or AIO? If im going AIO, Which AIO should I use?
  9. Pretty much this lol, i mean i get the frustration but can we move along? This seems to have turned to a complaint thread
  10. I mean it was worse for us on the 3000 GPU series here in Japan, it was basically by line up for lottery only on launch. Compared to today that the AMD CPUs are available for sale and we could line up for a purchase.
  11. Gonna line up really early on tokyo pc stores to get this today, finally!!
  12. I'll be refreshing my build over the next course of months and moving my parts to a newer case as part of it. I'm using an NH-D15 and a crosshair VIII and wanted a more "showy" and clean looking air cooling case. budget is on the upper end 100-300$. So far the lian LI O11 is something im eyeing for, looking for other recommendations.
  13. It's already o'ced to 4.5, sadly i see 60%-70% on my CPU on my normal daily usage, that's just gaming and also working from time to time. The performance hit is noticeable to the point that it's really hampering me so i want to move to a new processor as soon as i can
  14. Hi a little bit of background, my 4770k is showing it's age. I can't multitask as much without getting a performance hit on gaming. I use it for work also but its also showing signs of lag at that point also. I have budget for a 3950x and a premium x570 board but i feel like when Ryzen 4000 comes around, i would wan't to switch to that. So, currently i am planning to buy a ROG VIII hero board then a 3xxx processor. I will probably sell that 3xxx processor at that time (6 months from now), which 3xxx should i go for or should i approach this on another way?
  15. Upgrading mobo/cpu 3900x + asus X570 crosshair viii hero good or board too expensive