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  1. My league of legends handle. Um... I just thought it was a funny name
  2. I used to solve competitively averaging around 18sec. I usually advise people to start with a block building method like 'Roux' or 'ZZ' as they build a good understanding of how the cube works and eventually lead to intuitive solves. But if that seems like too much go with 'CFOP', its rubiks cube solving in rails. On average it requires more moves then the previously mentioned methods but it literally takes little to no thought so moves can be executed quickly
  3. If its under GSP they have to give you a new one that is the same or better quality. If they cannot provide you with a comparable unit they have to give you a gift card for the amount you payed for the laptop. if it can be helped dont deal with the 1800geeksquad peeps, go into the store and press the issue there.
  4. Make sure your tv audio is not set to pcm. It should pass through 5.1
  5. Just installed a Samsung PN64F8500 and noticed there was no optical port for the soundbar. In fact there were 0 solutions for audio out. And this isnt the first TV from samsumg i have noticed lacking options for external audio.
  6. As a home theater installer, in that price range i would say don't get a soundbar. Klipsch promedia 2.1 pc speakers go for about $130 and sound awesome!
  7. I live in the greater seattle area... I'm not sure if we have this sun thing you're talking about, you mean rain?
  8. Hello World Just wanted to say hi! While a have a decent understanding of computers (compared to the average user) i still consider my knowledge to be fairly rudimentary. Just started watching Linus on youtube about a month ago. Currently doing some research and going to be building a rig before the years up. And i was wondering... are there any good resources out there where one can educate himself on the finer details of PC components and the inner workings. Cuz linus rambles on about cuda cores and whosawhatsits and i start realizing i don't know as much about PCs as i thought i did. In general all i do with my PC is game. I would love to learn to program eventually, i find it hard to decide on a starting language. I have downloaded and read thru the first chapters of many guides... HTML5/CSS3... Java/XML for android sdk... python... but could never bring myself to finish. I even downloaded Unity the other day thinking i might give that a whirl Currently running a HP PC, AMD A8-5500 APU, threw some ram in to bump it up to 14GB and a AMD Radeon HD 6670. I play a lot of League of Legends (summoner name ThroatLotion if you wanna add me and play some games!) and Hawken. thats about it for now. Peace n' Love