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    Hi my name is Joel and I am a 18 year old freelance programmer. The languages I programme in are C#, Java, Obj-C and C++. I also do web development and those languages include HTML, PHP, JS, jQuery and CSS.
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    i7 3770k
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    8GB Corsair vengeance
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    EVGA GForce GTX 670 FTW
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    2TB 7200RPM
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    3x 1080
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    Custom Loop
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    Microsoft generic :P
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    Windows 8.1
  1. Sorry I don't quite understand. So you are saying yo u switched your processor out with another ryzen one and it still giving you the wrong temperatures?
  2. Just joining in on the band wagon. Has there been any sort of fix for the invalid reading? Also are we 100% sure the reading is invalid? Also would like to note that the temperature looks fine in the bios and the Asus software for overclocking seems to be read the CPU temperature and not the CPU diode temperature. I can't open Ryzen Master and check as it doesn't work on Windows Sever 2016 sadly ? I'm running Ryzen 7 2700x
  3. could you link me to the specific one you are talking about?
  4. Thanks, so is this the one you are talking about? http://www.corsair.com/en-au/air-series-af120-quiet-edition-high-airflow-120mm-fan-twin-pack If not, can you link me please
  5. Hey guys, so I have narrowed it down to Corsair as they are the cheapest for me in my area. (Would like noctua, but they are 2 and 1/2 the price :'( ) First off here is my build at the moment (not even close to being finished at the moment so don't judge) http://imgur.com/a/2fxUu (Ignore the kiddy drawer, and the Hackintosh) and here is a shitty sketchup picture of where I will be putting the fans http://i.imgur.com/3QsRedO.png and that will be on either side (Sorry for the bad photos) So I need to decide between the Corsair Air Series SP120 and the CORSAIR FAN AF120 (quiet edition, high pressure etc) I will be having a total of 4 fans, 2 either side and all 4 will be 120mm
  6. So installing it directly on the PC fixed the issue
  7. Ok I will reinstall now and let you know how I got on
  8. The motherboard is a ASUS P5WD2 premium which is not UEFI. The computer I originally installed the OS on is UEFI could that be the problem?
  9. that shouldn't make a difference should it? since the only thing that is changing is the hardware around it, nothing is changing on the actual SSD
  10. can you explain why installing it on the old PC will make it work? and why it has worked on the other computers I have tried it on?
  11. yeah I did, but like I said, when I tested this drive on 4 other computers, it worked. When I put it back into this old computer it didnt
  12. Hello so I got a SSD for my old system, its a Samsung 850 EVO 250gb and I plugged it into my current computer to install the OS and get everything copied onto it. Once I finished I put it into the old system where it was going to live and I couldn't get it to boot. Here is a quick video showing whats happening So after it didn't boot, I wanted to make sure nothing was corrupt so I tried it in 2 other PC's and a laptop and it all worked fine, then when I put it back into the old PC it still wouldn't boot (stuck on the blinking underscore) I then flashed the BIOS to the latest version but that didn't help or make a difference. I have got it set to AHCI in the bios, but there are a bunch of other setting I am not sure about so I let them all on auto. I have seen someone use this mobo with a SSD Proof here (Not my video) https://youtu.be/NFtqcDlfFXA?t=4s Oh yeah and the motherboard I am using is: ASUS P5WD2 premium on BIOS 0806 Any help getting this up and going would be great
  13. Yea I got all my water cooling components from there P. S check my custom build out
  14. Haha I know that's why when I find a cheaper price I take it to them and they drop the price for me