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    Cryptonite got a reaction from terrytek in The reason I will not be buying any more products from Corsair   
    don't buy products just because they are labeled premium, I prefer kingston over corsair anyways. 
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    Cryptonite got a reaction from SeriuzBuzinez in The reason I will not be buying any more products from Corsair   
    don't buy products just because they are labeled premium, I prefer kingston over corsair anyways. 
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    Cryptonite reacted to Vitalius in Piracy. We need a middle grounds.   
    I like to use Steam as a prime example of how an industry should be setup (although it doesn't work perfectly for all of them imo). 

    The content is cheap and widely available (mostly). Valve makes money hand over fist because of this. Gabe said Piracy is a distribution problem, and I believe he was 100% right. 

    I am the middle person I suppose. Like, I'm not 100% pro piracy or anti piracy. I reflect whatever the industry gives me. The movie industry is set up to gouge the customer to an extreme. Therefore, I pirate movies almost exclusively. 

    Video games (for PC at least) are cheap and widely available (for me at least), so I never pirate video games. I don't count old ones because as far as I'm concerned, that's not piracy as those games aren't available as they were anymore without torrenting.

    "You could just not use the content at all. Isn't that one way to solve the problem?"

    No. Because I find it absurd that I should have to do without because someone else is being unreasonable. You might call me entitled, and I would somewhat agree with you, but honestly, we live in an age where more content then we could ever experience is literally at our fingertips almost all the time. I consider my attitude toward this situation acceptable considering that. 

    One of the things I pirate the most is anime. This is entirely because I can't access it when it's released without doing so, and I can't know if it will ever be released where I live for a reasonable price, or I will have to pay obscene prices to have it shipped to where I live at Japanese cost of living type prices (i.e. very expensive). 

    Again, you could say "Then just don't consume the content.", but I actually believe that's more detrimental to the industry than pirating, as then they don't get free advertisement. Word of mouth. Things of that nature. 

    If I could just have all I wanted and pay a reasonable price per show in some a la carte streaming service, I would. But I kind of already have that. It's called the internet. 

    What I also want to point out is that the issue in most of the industries is not the content creators (though they are part of the problem). It's the distributors. The cable/satellite companies specifically. They're the unreasonable ones. The content creators are only at fault in that they don't find another way to share their content. They have the internet. There's no excuse imo. 

    But like I said, I only reflect what the industry treats the customer as. If they gouge, I pirate. If they are reasonable, I don't. It's basically that simple for me.

    Unfortunately, I sincerely believe the only industry that is reasonable in any shape or form is the video game industry and that's only because of Steam. I get all my music off of Youtube (I don't download it usually, I just put it on repeat, so I guess that isn't piracy technically because of ads). Movies and TV shows are all about getting you to either pay excessively for something or pay for something you don't actually want, respectively. 

    I'm sorry, but I'm not doing that. At the same time, I'm not missing the amazing things that people can make either.