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  1. Currently have a WASD code keyboard. Thing is perfect but I've had it for two years and the micro usb connector is starting to wear out. I'm hoping to find: -Clear switches, red orings preferrably pre-installed -Detachable cable -USB-C connector type for the part that plugs into the keyboard itself. I'd like to be around the 150 price point but willing to go higher if necessary.
  2. Dude I'm in the same boat. Where are you getting prices that low? Lowest for a 980 is like 360 and that's after Mail in rebate. Lowest I've seen for a 970 is like 289.. I'm speaking in terms of USD.
  3. Maybe the features of the Android version are different than the Iphone version but I wouldn't expect so. Wifi Analyzer for Android has both the visual diagram and the time chart. To be fair though I've no personal experience with the IOS version.
  4. Check out Wifi Analyzer .... no need to jailbreak your phone.
  5. Download the latest driver for your NIC. Uninstall the the device from 'Device Manager' Install the latest driver. This should give you 'Factory' settings on your NIC.
  6. The link between Edgemax - SG200 needs to be a trunk link. The native/untagged vlans need to match across devices otherwise you'll have a 'native vlan mismatch' error. Every other port on the SG200 should be an access port and the PVID should be whatever vlan you want it to belong to.
  7. Call your ISP. They should send someone out to test the line.
  8. Are all firewalls in the local computers allowing vnc? Try temporarily disabling them.
  9. But you could bring the car to red-line...... You guys are arguing over each others assumptions. Relax until OP either responds or let the thread die.
  10. Power it on and leave it for a couple minutes. There's probably a reset button on the router somewhere. Hold that button down for about 30 seconds. If it doesn't power down automatically continue holding the button and repower it. If it doesn't come back alive after that it's probably dead.
  11. The primary reason you might want to use different subnets is to keep unnecessary broadcast traffic from reaching every device and isolate the networks from one another. You've chosen a logical way to split them up but you really could just give each subnet a /24 and it will be just as effective and easier to configure/remember. Here's an example of how I would do it. = Main network = security camera system = Guest network Basically you would need a router capable of doing the three different networks and a switch that is vlan capable OR you need a layer 3 switch and out some static routes to/from the switch/router
  12. Cheapest way to avoid ddos is make sure your IP doesn't get out. The only thing you can effectively do to mitigate a ddos attack is buy a router powerful enough to withstand the ddos attack you're under. Which could run you several hundred, if not thousands, of dollars. And even that's really only going to protect you from some peoe. Anyone paying for use of a botnet is going to destroy you. Some of the DDos protection vendors have seen good results, however they are cost prohibitive to an end user and usually require a level of networking knowledge Joe Streamer doesn't have to get setup properly. Tl;Dr don't let your IP out.
  13. In regards to the DDns service. I would bet the godaddy DDns works on any current version of Windows its typically just a simple application that touches base with a godaddy server periodically, that said I have no personal experience with it and don't know for certain. Also certain router manufacturers will give you a free DDns service (Asus is one that does for certain models). Look through your router settings and see if you have anything in there.
  14. If Comcast gives you a modem only you'll want to buy a router. You just run the cable from your Modem to the WAN port of router and from PC to one of the Router Lan ports Modem > Router > PC If Comcast gives you a modem/router combo you'll want to buy a switch and just plug everything into it. Modem/Router > Switch > PC
  15. Domain Names are purchased from domain registrars (Godaddy, NameCheap, etc..). They have access to make changes to a database that allows them to register domain names. They pay ICANN and IANA royalites every year for this access and it's not something an individual can feasibly do. Anyway this database is what DNS servers pull information from to stay current on on their DNS records. This is why you can't just use a domain if it's available, because you have no way to control what information DNS servers store. This is also the reason that it's impossible for you to use a domain that someone else is using, because that name is already accounted for in the special database. What you need to do is very simple. Step 1. Purchase a domain name through a domain registrar Step 2. Through your domain registrar enter the IP address you want the DNS to translate to. You want to use your public IP address from your ISP. http://www.whatsmyip.org/ will give you this information. Your domain registrar will have customer service that can help walk you through this. Step 3. In your router forward port 80 and whatever other ports you access your server on to your servers local IP address Step 4. That's it, tell people what the website name is and they can type it into their address bar and go to it.