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  1. it works.. but if you have many files and subfolders its very hard to navigate around and deselect the root folder. also if i have a the a file or folder multiple times how can i overwrite it from the oldest first and continue overwriting to the newest (according to the date) ? the files i have are patches of a software..so each patch has its own folder so if i want to make a new installation i need to copy all the contents from each patch to a new location..but each patch needs to be overwritten from the next patch (according to the date) this is what i want to achieve
  2. i tried both.. i cant seem to find such option
  3. wont paste according to date, the older files need to be pasted first. and it needs to overwrite as well
  4. any suggestions? i would also need to paste them in order according to the date
  5. Hey, how can i copy the inner content of multiple folders and paste it wherever i want? i dont want to have the root folders in the final folder.
  6. I am looking for a low-end GPU at 150-250euro. I want it to be silent and have low temps. I was thinking about 5500xt and the 1660 super. Which one should be better, with less problems coil whine etc which model you recommend? im buying from amazon.de
  7. get a new HDD to be safe. they are pretty cheap. Might as well switch to SSD? not sure if you will get banned or not
  8. thanks, too bad tho i cant find it in europe. In local stores here or amazon/ebay
  9. great, silly me did not see it. Does it come with a software? Also are there any cons in wireless keyboards while gaming? (except for running out of battery :P)
  10. keychron doesnt have full numpad and havit is meh..i had a very bad experience with one of their mechanical keyboards. Plus i would feel like im downgrading..