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  1. Hello, I am looking for a version control software (non git if possible and needs to be local only). I want to have the initial (base) software version and from there start adding updates (php and sql files mostly) and mark when the software changes version. It would be cool to have an export feature where I could export a specific version of the software.
  2. Hello All, I am having trouble making my subdomain point to the correct IP. Lets say i have a domain "example.com" which points to What I want to achieve is point my subdomain "sub.example.com" to a different IP e.g . I have successfully done that by pointing the A record of "sub" to the new IP ( BUT the problem is that the www.sub.example.com does not point to Is it possible to have the "example.com" and "www.example.com" point to and "sub.example.com" & "www.sub.example.com" point to I have also adde
  3. there must be..what if you want to connect it to your phone?
  4. I am not looking for a software, im looking for a headset that comes with this functionality. problem is i dont know how to search for such headsets, whats their terminology?
  5. Hello, I am little bit confused with the terminology. I am looking for a headphone with the microphone having noise cancellation, meaning I DONT want the other person which im talking to via Phone, Skype, etc. hearing the background noise of my environment. What is the correct terminology for this feature? I am NOT looking for surround noise cancellation (I mean when I wear the headphones the earcups will block the noise from the background to come to my ears). I only care about the other person who is hearing me through my headphone mic, I want him to hear me clear wit
  6. Hi, I started filming with my drone recently and i was wondering if there is any video editing software available that can take advantage of these drone shots. For example the DJI App can automatically apply some cool effects in your video (quickshot) with music etc. I am looking for similar software for pc/mac that maybe has some predefined effects/libraries i can use for my shots, i want something simple and fast, im no expert nor wanna be. Just want to make my video shot a bit better if there is no such software/libraries which video editor would you suggest? e
  7. for creating straight lines in an overlay..like whiteboard a pause/start option would be good . for example when you press pause you can draw and when you click start the drawing remains but you can continue navigating on the page scroll down up etc
  8. im looking for a ruler so i can draw straight lines and points as precise as possible
  9. is there any extension for chrome or any other browser that can add a grid or a ruler as an overlay on the current website you are at? i know i can take a screenshot, but the point is to do that live on the website
  10. Hi all, im looking for a CRM software or SaaS that can do the following 1) Have different projects (each project will have its own contacts list) each project will be independent from the others 2) Email Campaigns 3) I prefer to have a pricing that will be price per month and not price per month/per user (high number of user accounts or unlimited) so me and my colleagues operate on different accounts with access in the same data 4) Chrome extension for quick contact add 5) Meetings calendar integration It will be good to have sales automa