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  1. JeffTheRipper

    Help no internet

    @Brooksie359 i have tried to grand acces to everything, still didnt work, (now turned back to default)
  2. JeffTheRipper

    Help no internet

    Hello everyone I am faceing an odd problem with my PC I got myself a new pc after my last one fried itself. When i open MS Edge i have almost no problems browsing, but any other browser i open, (for example google chrome, opera, enz.) I get the message "This site can't be reached) also i am having trouble with discord voice chats, and all other side apps that requires a internet conection like games, OBS. These problems occured after a windows update. All drivers are installed Everything is conected properly Windows is all up to date (and legal) Hope i gave enough information, if not feel free to ask. Things i tried: - windows recovery - drivers manually installed - reset my modem - changed DNS ( Specs: asus prime x470-pro amd ryzen 7 2700x 8core 3.2GHZ 16gb corsair RGB 3000 samsung 500gb 860 evo m.2 1tb wd blue gigabyte gtx 1080ti 11g oc black corsair cx750m windows 10 pro
  3. JeffTheRipper

    Anyone know what the hell is wrong with the wan show?

    Same thing, it might be a ddos, cuz he didn't look so happy when it came back for a few seconds
  4. JeffTheRipper

    Need help please!

    Update! As excuse and comparicement i got a brand new gpu. Msi 7870 twin fozr 2gdr5/OC
  5. JeffTheRipper

    Need help please!

    Here's a video for more explanation 20160416_015934.mp4
  6. JeffTheRipper

    Need help please!

    yes thats exactly what i had in mind.
  7. JeffTheRipper

    Need help please!

    Hahahaha in about a few days when my warrenty is void, i might try
  8. JeffTheRipper

    Need help please!

    Its a Palit GTX 550 ti. all drivers are up to date. I guess the GPU is refurbished because the price was only 35 euros, I also only got a half year warranty, witch will end in about 2 days. I did a full recovery of my windows and installed all the latest drivers trough "Geforce Experience"
  9. JeffTheRipper

    Need help please!

    Hi guys! Jeff here, I really hope someone can help me out here, I recently got a pc as a gift from my parents, I have not much to spend at all so I was glad I got one. SPECS: CPU: Intel core I5-3570K @3.40ghz GPU: Geforce GTX Ti MOBO: ASROCK H61M-DG3/USB3 HDD: WD 160GB APU: Corsair CX500M RAM : 8GB (brand I don't know) Now the problem is when I am gaming "Unloved" "Backlight Retribution" "Tomb raider" my pc crashes. I had the same issue a week ago, the retailer said it was a software failure and a recovery would do the trick.(He even said he tested everything). Can someone please tell me what the actual problem is, i guess its the GPU, i really need some answers to back me up at the retailer. regards, Jeff p.s. Sorry for spelling mistakes, I am from the Netherlands