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  1. I have the privilege of actually working for an ISP so I believe that I can a very unique invite into the going's-on of this. My conclusion in short: Frontier is lying to you. Wow, no surprise there and definitely not unique among this thread, but I am right about this being BS for more reasons. If you have questions about the process and the justification for prices and charges like these, please feel free to reply so I can confer my knowledge. I just don't feel like vomiting everything into a single post.
  2. Right, and therein lies the problem, there are currently two total x370/470 mobo's that are themed primarily white, the one picked, and another, lower priced market bracket one. For the sake of the build, we are going with the MSI board. It's not like we are really missing out on much by not upgrading, basically just some quality of life stuff. The RGB's in the system are going to be static blue, if I felt like I could get away with it, I'd pick like ML120 fans with blue LED's instead, but the black frames on most fans is what's staving me away from them. For the sake of not interrupting the overall palate as much as possible, we've decided that the HD120's are probably the best bet, with only the corner mount's being a black plastic, with the rest either additional RGB's, or just clear plastic. If there's a similar solution from like, NZXT, for example, I'd love to hear about them.
  3. This was the best predominantly white motherboard I could locate. If we could go x470, I would have, but this x370 is the closest to the theme we could muster. Apparently this one could: https://shop.prospecdesigns.eu/product/r2-astronaut-le/ Which is his running best option. I'm going to continue leaving my options open because I think this manufacturer sounds a bit too much like they're looking down on the rest of the world. Dumb stuff they say in the description like, "This model will be produced in 39 pieces as collectibles. Extra certificates will be provided hand signed by the manufacturers and designer." Like seriously guys? Each piece, by itself is a collectible? To whom? Whatever.
  4. PXL cradles his face in his palms. Yah, I kinda gathered that. Like I said, my childhood dinner table, that my parents rescued from a house where it had already been well used. This thing has survived decades of abuse, and it still stands here in front of me. I just can't convince him to buy something classic. He's dead-set on a modern desk with modern appeals and comforts. We're in a Discord chat now, hashing out a few more details of the build while we wait for the 2080ti's to drop. He's looking at this corner desk that has a built in motorized triple monitor stand. Granted, I kinda get that too. I'd like a motorized monitor mount, but I also prefer quality, and he prefer's keeping the price-tag up.
  5. We already have most of the internals ironed out, this is the rough sketch of what we're looking at throwing together: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ns72jy Don't laugh, I know I did when he said he wanted to use that case, but this is what he wants, so this is the price tag we are running with. The list is also not exhaustive, I want to also switch out the flat black radiator fans included with the x72, with another triple set of fans identical to the HD120 fans I have included for the front of the case. I also neglected to included the NV-Link attachment, and we also did not immediately decide on exactly which 2080ti's we will be running, but right now, MSI are the front runner's, with the only RGB-centric cooler's previewed. In general though, the interior is finalized. If you have any suggestions or questions though, please don't hesitate to speak up. He is still deciding on his preferences for peripherals, but where we are getting hung up the most right now, is actually in what desk he will using. I have never actually considered what desk he will be gaming on (as this will be his first rig). It's something I have never personally ever considered even thinking about either, because I've always just used my childhood dinner table as my desk. I like being good at what I do, and I love ingesting information for analysis, but there just seems to be so many new brands in this new market, that I honestly have no idea who or where to look. We are desperate for a quality desk to compliment the quality hardware, maybe I can lean on somebody here for advice or a suggestion? positivePXL [+PXL]
  6. @Tabs So, it was painful, and the problems are still not over, but, Win10 is finally working 'properly'. Even though I generalized my OS properly for the switch, I still had to do the fresh install. It took me 4 hours to get Win10 to install correctly. Once I had Win10 installed, it was clunky and awkward, once I was in, I noticed that all the drivers I had installed ahead of time and left in my hard drives, were innaccessible because nothing except my C:/ drive could be accessed. I couldn't use Edge because the browser would become entirely unresponsive as soon as I tried to load a webpage. Eventually, I got access to my back-up drive by just assigning it a drive letter (why tf is this even a problem?), and it turns out that Edge being unresponsive was just Edge being unresponsive; Chrome works fine. I flashed in some new, updated BIOS, even though the system didn't seem to need it. I still have to yell at MS to get my activation figured out. And also, my RAID array is broken. I can't update the RAID drivers, the chipset drivers didn't fix the problem. They're connected properly, and yet, they just appear as 'failed'. 'Reactivating' the drives does bubkis. I think I'll just reformat and create a new RAID array and dump my image backups in it. Thanks for everything Tabs, really helped.
  7. Nvm, found the program. Next time I write here will be either form my phone, freaking out, or from my new computer, wish me luck.
  8. My data is backed up, I have my Windows OS thumbdrive, my hardware is ready to go, but I have no idea how to use the generalize shutdown command.
  9. @Tabs , how do even us the 'Sysprep /generalize /shutdown /oobe' command?!
  10. I've started just moving some of my raw data files over, shadowplay footage and family photos and the like, and that will take some time. So while we wait, how do I get the rest of my system to backup properly?
  11. No problem, figured you get enough mentions, probably didn't even notice me. Also, I can't get my system to backup; help ;-;
  12. @Tabs Doing a full system back-up now. My question about the OS boot drive still stands though,
  13. Actually, now that I think about it, I have money again, I can just go down and buy a new HDD from my local computer parts store, I'll go ahead and drop by after work tomorrow and see if I can swallow the price for a new WD Blue/Black 2tb.
  14. @Tabs Will the drive need to be formatted, or will I just be able to tell the new BIOS to boot from the plugged in USB, and it will find the OS? Otherwise I'll have to back up the files on my flash drive to my hard disk just so I can use my flash drive. The best I can do is break the RAID array and have two copies of the one disk, reformat the one, and then back-up my SSD to the other hard disk. Of course then the question rises, if I break the array, will I be able to make a new RAID array with the disks once I no longer need the backup, will it properly copy over the files from the one drive over to the reformatted formerly backup drive? Just made a Microsoft account, tied it to my Win10 key. (I'm assuming you're referring to a troubleshooter in the link you directed to in your first sentence) Good to note, thanks!
  15. @Tabs Yes, disk management; neat. Running Win10-64bit from a win7 update key. I don't have my original Windows activation key anywhere around. I don't have a physical media boot device. I have no method of backing up my files I'm actually running Win10 I hear that Win10 keys originating from Win7 upgrades, tend not to be deactivated, how valid is this generalization?
  16. I don't know ;-; I did the thing, where I went into the storage manager, selected my two, initialized 1tb drives, right clicked and did the process for converting them to raid array.
  17. I had bought a whole new set of core parts for my PC through Black-Friday/Cyber-Monday, and I've been waiting for my new AM4 bracket to come in from NZXT, which was way more of a struggle than it should have been. My bracket came in Monday while I was at work, and I have the perfect opening in both my schedules from work AND from my competition obligations, that I'll have two days to drop in my new CPU, Mobo, and RAM, starting tomorrow. I saw a couple of threads similar to what I am asking for help for, but none of them also had a RAID array of drives. So, on top of my general concerns about prepping my currently installed system drivers, programs, and software, I'm also curious if there is anything additional I need to worry about because I have two 1tb hard drives in RAID1. i5-6600k-->r7-1700x MSI Gaming M5-->MSI Gaming Pro Carbon x370 4x8gb DDR4 RipjawsV@2400-->2x16gb DDR4 RipjawsV@3200 MSI GTX 1070 8g NZXT Kraken x61 256gb Samsung 850 Pro (boot) 2x1tb Seagate HDD's (RAID1) Additional info: Win10 64bit SSD storage is almost full, 13gb of free space Thanks in advance for all and any help that you can provide, positivePXL [+PXL]
  18. Not entirely sure what happened, but I just left my computer unplugged for like a week while I used that ethernet cord to binge download steam games on my rental laptop. Plugged it back in last night just to entertain the idea that my computer might start, and it just magically worked, glad things are deborked.
  19. WOOSH. That's the sound of your question going right over my head.
  20. Title is the error code i receive after running a diagnostic on why my personal pc because I have no internet over Ethernet. Wi-Fi works fine, chatting from phone, pc has been dc'ed for two days already. Have hard restarted both the modem and my pc. Need to finish planning my trip across the U.S. positivePXL
  21. I see this technology being less useful for boosting us to 12k or other absurd resolutions, because after all, we still need systems to push that many pixels. If we are ever to see practical application of this method, it's going to be in drastically reducing the price of existing panels. If we can push 4k, for example, out of a panel that is basically just a glorified 1080p panel, then we can start seeing the prices of 4k panels drop to 1080p price points. More interestingly, 1080p boosted from shit resolution panels may become so cheap to purchase, that we'll just start throwing them on things for no apparent reason than just because they're gunna be like $50 for a 60fps 1080p panel. A whole new RGB style takeover of consumer electronics, but instead, covering everything with HD screens, lol.
  22. Apparently, this monitor was discontinued, and is not available in any MicroCenter store.
  23. Just got a brand new set of Razer Blackshark headsets for my birthday, and as I expected from the reviews it's gotten, they are quite base heavy out of the box, and also a little quiet for my taste; even with all audio boosted, they just don't scream they way I'd like them too. What are a few good programs one could use for tweaking audio performance for the headsets and from the mic? Thank you in advance, positivePXL [+PXL]
  24. Odd, I've been gaming all through the weekend, and neither my keyboard, keypad, or mouse, experienced any issues. Maybe the server was only regional?