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  1. I have got no plans on overclocking. Do you think air cooling would work better in this case? Then I can put the extra money towards 2x Corsair ML fans to put in the front which will help force air in? This is also my first time I would be moving to water cooling
  2. Hey guys. I am looking at upgrading my setup. I am going to get the rtx 3070, i7 10700k, and Arctic Freezer II 280mm AIO cooler. So it will be pretty toasty in the case. All of this will be put into the h510 case. From what I see, it comes with 2x fans, one top mounted and one at the back. I am planning on putting my Arctic Freezer II 280mm in the front of the case. Would this setup work? What are your guys thoughts about it? I heard that the h510 case has pretty bad airflow, which is why I am a bit indecisive.. Any suggestions would be great!
  3. Update: They are apparently working on a massive update called DumaOS 3. It is currently in Beta and will be coming to the XR500 router. No release date though
  4. Just an update: I redid the thermal paste, and I was very generous. I then put the graphics card back into my PC and booted it up, and the light on the GPU went on for like 5 seconds then turned off, while all my other PC components were running. My GPU fans were still running while the lights were off. I am 100% sure that the card is dead. I ordered a MSI rtx 2060 venus xs and was able to pay in monthly payments for 4 months, which is pretty disappointing since it isn't much of an upgrade.. Was gonna upgrade to the RTX 3060 when it came out. Plus I am sure this card I just bought is gonna have a price drop when Ampere is announced
  5. I opened up my gpu and checked it again. It was covering the entire die completely. Anymore paste and it would have leaked out onto those dot connectors. I can clean it off and try again with a bit more paste. Is it okay if it spreads out and touches those little connectors?
  6. Load temps were 80-85c instead of 90-95 I used to get
  7. Hey guys. I have a EVGA gtx 1070 superclocked. My GPU temps was hitting 90c at times - and around 60 at idle. so I thought I would replace the thermal paste. I replaced it with V1 IC Value thermal compound from Cooler Master, and cleaned out the dust in the heat sinks. Cleaning the old thermal paste was a hassle. I used 95% alcohol and coffee filters (lint free). The old thermal paste that was pre applied was hard. It came off in chunks and was so dry. I cleaned up and applied my thermal compound. I did not overdo it, and was pretty conservative with the paste. Anyway, I booted my PC up and I got 55c at idle, which was a big improvement. Then I tried gaming.. I opened up Red Dead Redemption. I was not even 2 minutes loaded into the game, and my screen went black, but I could still hear audio for about a minute, until my PC restarted. This keeps happening. And I can get about 30 minutes to an hour with my PC if I am not gaming, until the same thing happens. I removed my GPU and I am now using intel graphics, and there is no restarting. Is my GPU done for? Has anyone else had this? I am willing to try anything to fix this.. A RTX 2060 is 350 euros, which I will not be able to get for at least 3 months..
  8. Alright guys. So I am able to get my system 100% stable at 2666mhz with timings of 13-15-15-30 and voltage at 1.35. This is for the 2x 8GB corsair vengence 3200mhz cl16 RAM. Are those timings good? Do you think I can get away with cutting it down even more and still get a solid system?
  9. Hey. So I can get my system stable if I underclock to 2666mhz and stay at 1.35V. The timings are 16-18-18-36. Would it be worth changing some of the timings? I am thinking of 15-16-16-36 but I am kinda scared to touch the timings since I am not that familiar with them
  10. I did increase voltage to 1.4V and ran a windows memory diagnostics test. It detected an error and said I have a hardware issue only 6% into the standard scan. Not sure what to do now.. These blue screens are so annoying and could lead to data loss eventually
  11. All memory timings is correct to what corsair says the RAM should run at.. But I still get instant blue screen.
  12. Yes. They are in the correct DIMM slots and I do have the latest BIOS version
  13. Hey guys. So I have a MSI Z390 A pro motherboard, i5 9600k CPU, and 2x8gb of Corsair vengence 3200mhz cl16 RAM. My RAM is always defaulting to 2133mhz. When I try to XMP it, it changes it to 1.35V in the motherboard and 3200mhz. But Windows constantly bluescreens and wont load at all. Always a different blue screen error. I can make the RAM work at 2666mhz at 1.35V.. Why can't it work at 3200mhz and be stable? I had the same issue with a pair of 2x8gb hyperx 2666mhz RAM. This corsair RAM was to replace this one. The HyperX would never go to 2666mhz, and would always stay at 2133mhz. If I had changed anything for the hyperx to higher than 2133mhz, then my PC would just say that my overclock settings have failed after rebooting from BIOS. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks
  14. Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone else has a router that has DumaOS on it? I have the XR500 by Netgear, and there has not been a firmware update in years. The most recent update was just to add support for French ISP TV and that was August last year. I have also seen multiple websites publish vulnerabilities in the router, which has not been addressed by Netgear or the DumaOS team. Apparently XR300 users also have not been getting updates. It's like the entire OS and security is completely abandoned and they no longer support the router, while they are still selling units. My ISP router gets a firmware update like every 6 months or something.. The price premium on these routers is the operating system, "DumaOS". It's so sad that it isn't supported or maintained.. The same type of router without DumaOS was 100 euros cheaper.. Very expensive operating system that isn't supported