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    2 x 8GB Kingston HyperX Fury
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  1. Hi all So i just bought myself the Gigabyte Saber 17-G https://www.gigabyte.com/Laptop/Sabre-17#kf I've come across a problem when it comes to it's RGB backlit keyboard. So at the moment it seems that the keyboard has a white backlight and software was supplied to change the color of this backlight. So the software is called Hotkey that comes with Control Center and FlexiKey. Now flexikey is the app that is responsible for the RGB controller. The only problem is that flexikey doesn't have the option for me to change the backlight color of the keyboard. I had to install a c
  2. Do you think there would perhaps be any unique software features?
  3. Well since they moved it to the side anyway might as well try it because well on any other phone, it would probably be the same. To me nowadays, phone brands aren't really much different from each other. It is like they are all going towards this one global design structure. Either that or they are running out of ideas.
  4. I liked it when they had the volume rocker at the back of the phone. After that change, to me it felt like the LG series followed the crowd.. It's still a good phone but i liked the uniqueness.
  5. Yeah it was pretty much this. Had to do some calibration on the monitor settings itself to get the color to all much up well.
  6. Lol sadly where i come from these monitors aren't cheap.. Anyway i think i might just keep with the custom calibrations. I might try getting an exchange (Which is such a hassle) but i mean it might not even fix the problem so I'll see how far i get. Thanks guys
  7. Hi guys hows it all going. So i decided after losing all my hair and hitting my head waay to much on my table to come here to this godsend site of all knowledge. So recently I bought 3 monitors all of them being a DELL SE2216H. Cables used: 1st - HDMI cable with DP converter to graphics card 2nd - HDMI straight to graphics card 3rd - HDMI to DVI cable So after I connected all 3 of the monitors to my surprise, all the monitors have slightly different colors. The colors are as follows: 1st - Slightly yellow/washed-out color
  8. Am i allowed to link discord servers here? Well anyway if you are looking for people to collab with and such there is this discord server you can join. It's a great server for new youtubers to begin and it has great support and friendly people
  9. Mine only reaches 250kb/s max with no one using it #I'mPoor
  10. The moment when you upgrade from a 1 monitor setup to a 2 monitor setup and one of your non tech family members walk into your room and be like. "Wait you have 2 computers now?". I just can't be asked lol
  11. 10 windows are better than 7!
  12. I have a 212x and my max temps go up to about 50 - 60 while doing heavy gaming. I have a 4970 though so not sure about temp differences between 4th and 6th gen. How do you mean the mounting was difficult? I also noticed that the mounting was a bit difficult at first.
  13. Currently a Junior Software Developer.