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  1. Restarting audio services does fix the issue. I'm thinking I may just have to factory reset, which will be a major pain in the ass.
  2. I tried that, and it causes the same issue
  3. I can't find a non scketchy looking place to donwload realtek audio drivers. I'd like to if you know where I could get them?
  4. I'm experiencing a bizarre audio issue on windows 10. My audio cut out one day. The level indicators in windows showed that audio was playing, but nothing was coming out of my speakers. I noticed my audio level had been changed to 67% as well. I solved the issue by removing my audio device in device manager, and restarting my computer. Windows reinstalled the device and its drivers for me, and the issue was solved. However, the version windows installs by default is an outdated driver, so windows tries to force an update to fix that. When it does, my volume is changed to 67%, and my audio stops working again. My audio breaks the second I click the slider, and the only way to fix it is to completely remove my audio device and its drivers, and restart. I don't like leaving my PC on all the time, and windows will eventually force and update in order to have the latest audio drivers anyway. I have no idea why this is happening. Can anyone provide any insight? I would be eternally greatfull!
  5. My speakers are the only enabled audio device, and I have restarted my entire PC since this issue arose.
  6. So I just installed the latest windows 10 update, which seemed to be a major one. My computer restarted several times and the update took about half an hour. The result is that I have no audio output. I can run the 'test' for the audio, and the green level indicator shows that the sound is being output, but I hear nothing. I have tried updating my audio drivers, and several other solutions that the internet has suggested to no avail. I would really appreciate any insight anyone here has. Thanks in advance
  7. I just upgraded to an i5 6500 and GTX 960, but when ever I have vsync on, either in game, or through the nvidia control panel, my frame rate dips as low as thirty when there are particle effects or when there is some form of intense post process effect. With vsync off, everything runs fine. Am I missing something? Thanks
  8. OEM I think. My old PC came with win 8.1 and I upgraded when win 10 came out. I can view the product ID but I don't think that's the same thing. I don't know what the product key for win 8.1 was because I never needed it... I know I may see stupid for not linking my account before I upgraded but it never even occurred to me that a hardware change would create these issues.
  9. I just upgraded my CPU RAM and Motherboard, so basically I built a new PC. Windows now says I need to activate it. I didn't link my MS account to my install of windows, so the troubleshooter won't work. Is there a way to get windows activated without putting my HDD back into my old system just to add my MS account?
  10. GPU is a GTX 960 AMP (4Gb). I plan on (eventually) running a second one in SLI
  11. So I am looking to upgrade my CPU, and I'm thinking of getting an i5-6500. Will this CPU be good enough to run games for the next few years? I thought about an i5-6600k, but found it hard to justify the price. Also, can you overclock an i5-6500 through the motherboard BIOS? Thanks in advance!
  12. The problem here is that I don't have a CD. The OS I have came with the computer I bought. Is there a way to directly transfer/copy the OS over to an SSD?
  13. I will be upgrading my computer with mostly new parts in the next little while, and one of the parts I am getting will be an SSD. I want my OS (Windows 10 64Bit) on the SSD, but its currently on an HDD. Can it be transferred from the HDD to the SSD safely? Thanks
  14. So I bought a prebuilt PC from a store. It currently has an r7 240 in it. Would 960 be compatible? I was looking into the 750 ti because it was know for being a good 'plug and play' card. Edit: The MOBO is a Hewlett-Packard 2B17
  15. So I have decided to upgrade to a gtx 750 Ti. I have heard that the 4Gb version doesn't actually have 4Gb of ram, but rather 2Gb, and can borrow up to an additional 2Gb of system ram. Does anybody know if this is true?
  16. Ok thanks. I'm aware that Intel makes better CPUs than AMD. Also, what is Zen? Thanks!
  17. So I'm looking to upgrade my GPU from an AMD R7 240 2gb. I want to get and ASUS GTX 750ti 4GB. I want to know if I am going to get a bottleneck elsewhere in my system. I have an AMD A10-7800 and 8GB DDR3. Thanks!