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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX LP DDR4 3200mhz
  • GPU
    Asus Strix Rx480 O8G Gaming
  • Case
    NZXT S340 elite
  • PSU
    Corsair CX550M
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    Asus PB277Q 27"
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    Roccat tyon
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    Logitech z623
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    Windows 10
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  1. Hey Guys, i recived an Android update on my Galaxy s9 this morning. After the update i discoverd a "problem" The Notification Icon ( for example Whatsapp/Twitch) is grey at the Always on display and lockscreen. So you can barely see the icon on the backgroud. The icon used to be green and clearly to see. Now its a blurry, nearly greyed out icon. Someone discovered the same problem and got an fix for that? Already Changed: Background image AOD settings (set to factory) Restarted multiple times Reinstalled Whatsapp Disable/enable Nofitication at all
  2. Hey guys, im running into issues with the YouTube start page on Google chrome. Here is an screenshot of the bugged Youtube interface: I just -reinstalled the GPU Driver(some later once too) -cleared cache -deaktivated all Addons -reinstalled Google Chrome still running into that problem. Someone got any idea, how to fix that ( besides switching to firefox or else)?
  3. Running Mouse,Keyboard,Ps4 controller, Xbox controller, Wheel+Padels and an joystick... so what you gonna blame people like me, playing games with the matching input device? Thats why we decide to play on PC... we can choose what ever we want to game with.
  4. Thanks mate, gonna order the parts now.
  5. Hey guys, sorry for that late reply. I relalized im way more newbie than i thought and need some informations about connecting the strips to any kind of powersource. The LED strip was power via USB, so there is an 5V 1.2a information on the box of the strips. Im looking into connecting the strip in different ways: Idea 1: Connecting the strips to an Powerplug rated for 5V 2a (It says 2a max. so it should be possible to connect the strip rated with 1.2a on an 2a(max. power plug right)? Idea 2: Running the strip with an 5v powerbank rated with an higher rating than 1.2a too. Is it possible to run the strips with these kinds of connection ( with the higher Ampere)?
  6. Hey guys, Im looking for some informations, about RGB led stripes and how to solder them, to get the color i want. The strip requires 5V 1.2A ( was connected via USB connector with an controller build in, which got destroyed by something) Now im looking into wiring the Led strip without an controller inbetween powersource and strip (Most remote controllers getting controled by signals of other remotes im using too...) My question: Is it possible, to "hotwire / without an controller" just an 5V 1,2A power source to the LED strip and "Mix" colors? for example: If im running " - " wire and 5 Volts to Green and Blue, should i get turquoise? I know its working with just Red, Green or Blue but havn't tried to mix them. Is it that simple or are there some things i need to know about that?
  7. FroxIV

    Slow internet, but only on youtube....

    Was running into an issue with an "Addblock for youtube" addon a few days ago. The addon was running fine all time, but suddenly You tube videos doesn't play anymore or take 15sec to start loading the video. If there was add-breaks within the video it freezes too! Just switched to another addon and its running fine again.
  8. Im running 3.6 all cores at stock voltage. Was running on stock cooler 3.9 @ around 1.35V but getting pretty hot on stock cooler. Higher than i liked at hours of gaming sessions. Should be possible without any problems at water Havn't touched the clocks since i got the AIO (140mm) so still running 3.6ghz all core Thats experience with stock AMD cooler!
  9. Forza Horizon 3 is known for heavy FPS stutters. Even with enough power to run that game 100fps+ it will drop sometimes with an stutter. Its not just like an fps drop the game freezes for some ms and you will notice the fps drop. Its caused by some problem within the game, but u can do some things against it. There are lots of guides outa there. For me changing "pre-rendered Frames to 1" and "enable v-sync" was some pretty helpfull. In Forza motorspots 7 i didn't get that fps drops while playing. Sometimes the game changes resolution settings, i don't know why. That causes the game to run 4k ultra settings, where im getting very low frames. After swapping back to 1440p it runs just fine
  10. Hey guys, im looking for some informations about the thermals of GPU. First i want to point out, that i just got an general clue about electricity. So please do me a favor and explain if you can to help me to understand. My Problem: In my current setup im running an RX480 with an slight overclock at max Voltage of 1.156V (Set on OC tool and logged with HWmonitor) Now im confused how temps vary from 60-90°C when running different games with 100% GPU usage and no voltage changes. For example playing Guild wars 2 / Forza Horizon 3 or Ghost Recon Wildlands for 3-4 hours the temp never goes above 68°C. When playing Fallout 4 for the same time the temps getup to 89°C The Main question: How is the difference in temps so high, at same voltage put into the card? greetings FroxIV
  11. Im running into some issues with ram speeds too. Anyone got a decent guide how to overclock the ram? What to adjust first? Running speeds as shown in my signature. Really want to get 3200mhz to work
  12. FroxIV

    Are gigabyte motherboards unreliable

    Had issues with Gigabyte ab350 gaming-3. Ram listed as supported doesn't work. Didn't get fixxed in 4 BIOS Updates. Support was pretty bad too. All Gigabyte tools ( Fan controll / LED control / BIOS flash) caused pc crashes. Running ASUS board now without any issue
  13. FroxIV

    Under £1000 Gaming PC

    You can choose between brands and features. Fans doesn't have to cost 40€ a piece... even they did in my case The rx480 is a pretty warm running card. So temps will be different if you running a GTX series card. How ever the ASUS cards starts spinning fans @ 60°C so im not worried about these. Also im running stock fan on the CPU so you can lower temps if u gonna swap them for some higher tdp cooler.
  14. FroxIV

    Under £1000 Gaming PC

    Running the setup downbelow in the nzxt s340 elite without major temp issues. 6 hour gaming and temps are around 50-60°C for GPU and CPU. Not that bad for " NO airflow " Case fully setup with NZXT fans. Full setup was around 900€ with crazy GPU and Ram prices.