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  1. A bit less than 2 weeks.
  2. I am getting low fps in game. I used to get 100+ fps in csgo and now I am getting 40, same with rainbow six. I used to get 80-100+ fps in the in-game benchmark currently, I am getting 40-50fps. I was running windows 7 previously and upgraded to windows 10 where my fps went down slightly but not by a lot. At this point, I really don't know what the problem is. I have reinstalled the drivers, installed previous versions of the driver, and reinstalled rainbow to see if that would increase performance, which didn't really work. When in-game auros engine shows that I have 100% gpu usage and 20-40% cpu usage. If it matters my specs are i5-4440 8gb ddr3 1600mhz rx570 4gb
  3. I tried baking it and it worked sorta. Now I don't get any lines or artifacting on my monitor, but it still isn't being recognized properly by speccy or device manager. If installing the latest drivers don't do anything I will probably just use it as a display piece.
  4. Well shoot, thanks for your help and might as well try I don't have anything to lose by doing so.
  5. I recently acquired an Amd R9 270 graphics card that the person giving it to me saying it had some issues. I have uploaded pictures of what it looks like when I use the card and it get a bunch of green lines on my display. Cpu-z, device manager, and speccy don't recognize the ard and just say standard vga adapter and I don't think it is a driver issue because it still have the same problem in the bios. If anyone has any methods o fix this issue it would be appreciated, but from what I have see I think it may be a dead card.
  6. Thanks everyone for your help.
  7. The model i am looking at only has 1 fan so i'm guessing it doesn't need a 6 pin connector.
  8. My cpu is an amd athlon ll x2 215 and as far as can see in the pictures there is no where for a 6 pin connector to connect to.
  9. I am looking to upgrade my prebuilt desktops graphics. I have searched around and i have found the zotac geforce gtx 750ti which people say is a good entry level graphics card. My computer has a 300 watt power supply so i am wondering if my system can handle the graphicd card.
  10. Yes there was thermal paste and i didn't do anything to it but i think i need to apply some more because there there was very little.
  11. I have a hp pro tower 3005 desktop computer that started blowing cold air really hard and shuts off by itself when i am turning it on. I recently had taken the heat sink off and took the cpu out if it helps to know. I apologize if i am posting this in the wrong forum but it said trouble shooting here so i am posting it here.