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  1. Is that any good? Or is it a dead game?
  2. I've been searching for a game that fits this description. What I'm thinking of is similar to an MMORPG that has towns or kingdoms in it that you can progress in and become the leader of things or you could start new guilds or towns and live and farm. Similar to those towny minecraft servers but I'd rather it be a newer game with decent to really good graphics. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  3. teddy710

    Summer Jobs

    Can anyone help me brainstorm ideas for a summer business to start that doesn't include mowing (as my town already has too many mowing businesses)?
  4. I have a van I may be able to get my hands on soon and I want to pimp it out and deck it out as if it were a mobile command station or something I could easily game from? Any ideas where I can start?
  5. I've been searching for other forums to get on but haven't had much luck. I love the look of a dark web page but I just want another that's a smaller than this but not too small. Any suggestions are welcome!
  6. Thanks for the advice. Seems like that's how it'd be!
  7. Can someone give me an honest review from personal use or any feedback on this and whether it's worth it for a starter camera? And I'm planning on using it for nature stills and short film.
  8. Trying to decide between the two. Prices don't matter too much to me. I am aware of basic differences like the controllers. I'm looking for more detailed a comparison and personal experiences. Thanks
  9. Anyone have any thoughts on how good this laptop is? 15.6" gonna be used for photo editing and gaming
  10. Good idea actually never thought about that
  11. My girlfriend and her family have gotten me hooked on photography and I want to get a good quality camera for landscape and nature pictures for under $650. Her and her dad are really into photography and I'm aware I can ask them about this but any helpful advice is.... helpful!
  12. That's good advice with the music and everything! Where can I start to learn about all the cameras and what's good and what's not etc.?
  13. I've recently started to appreciate the art of photography and such and I would like to get involved! Where can I start? And any advice you have for me? Thanks
  14. Yeah I agree I love twitch but I think it'd be cool to have an eSports channel
  15. Anyone have any ideas of how to learn Japanese. Km looking more for an app and I can't travel there at the moment lol got school and work but if anyone has first hand experience with this then please give some advice! Thanks!