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  1. missed typed my ram i have 16gb but do i need an amd gpu? i dont have the funds only really doing this to sideload apps and vms arent working
  2. Im new to hackintosh and want to multiboot windows 10 and some mac os but what would be the best os for my system? i5 9600k asrock z390 gtx1060 8gb ram
  3. new to jailbreaking and i just want to know if i can jailbreak at this time. Thanks
  4. thanks for the tips and i will grab a car battery tomorrow
  5. ok well i removed it from the box and it wont make the rattle unless i turn up the volume past half way and then cuts out because lack of power. and im not using a cheaper speaker since i just traded this and really only making sure it works
  6. its also only played at half volume since its using a 800w amp and 2 computer power supplies
  7. if i hold it down hard it will still make the rattle but if i hold the middle it wont
  8. Dont think its ripped its sitting in a box but not screwed down
  9. i bought a phoenix gold sd radial 12" sub its used but works but there is a rattling that happens when its plays low frequencies and i found out its the middle part of the sub anyone know a fix?
  10. yeah i already have the 1080p 144hz and probably will get 1440p 144hz in the next year
  11. im kinda good at waiting but i still need to look into zen2
  12. ALRIGHT IM LISTENING maybe when zen 2 comes out since im pretty sure thats early 2018
  13. ok ill look into i have to wait a couple months anyways
  14. atm i have a 1060 selling to upgrade to 1070 or 1080 and ive had amd all my life on a fx 6300 system right now and i just want a vacation for a couple years
  15. honestly i would already have a 7700k system right now but the new box is so good looking and i want it