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  1. Hi all, using Tkinter and started using Treeview from the ttk module in order to create a table. I searched for a function to sort columns in a Tv table, and got this: def sort_column(a, col, reverse): # https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22032152/python-ttk-treeview-sort-numbers/46712710 l = [(a.set(k, col), k) for k in a.get_children('')] l.sort(key = lambda t: float(t[0].strip("%")), reverse=reverse) for index, (val, k) in enumerate(l): a.move(k, '', index) a.heading(col, command = lambda: sort_column(a, col, not reverse)) This is a slightly adapted version so it would work with %'s, but other than that it's the same. Could someone please talk me through what's going on? I understand the individual lines(ish) but struggle to understand it as a whole. Thanks!
  2. Wouldn't like to give a definite answer but should be fine, and you're very unlikely to break anything using other drivers anyway. If the laptop breaks hardware-wise then they probably won't check the hard drive anyway as they're focused on repairing machines quickly. Best of luck.
  3. Sorry for bumping but thread was dead / didnt know it was against the rules. anyway, it turns out that it's whenever you launch fortnite, as I searched the error and an epicgames thread came up (the issue not for everyone of course). but yeah I don't play fortnite regularly enough to notice that was the cause, but now I can just avoid it lol
  4. Got bsod with error system thread exception not handled, searched it and then decided to update gpu drivers, assumed all was fine. It just happened again, in event viewer the source is 'kernel-power', what should I do? I'm uploading a screenshot in case it's helpful. Thanks for any advice!
  5. Yeah actually found it about an hour ago and got rid of like 300GB of stuff lol. Idk if there was a performance increase, but still nice.
  6. Using Win10, and yeah I'm planning to get a 128GB SSD for OS only and probably some smaller games I use regularly like league
  7. I'm aware, the thing is I don't know the key anymore. I'm happy to trudge through emails, but what I'm asking is if there's a way to just find the key I've used in a different way to that or if there's an easy way to just transfer Windows (on a sidenote, why is a fresh install beneficial? e: over just moving Windows).
  8. Thanks for the info. How do I transfer my key? Do I just have to find the e-mail with it in, or what? And to address your second point, I will be using the 2TB HDD as a secondary drive, but I want to clear it up a bit.
  9. Yeah I'm backing up saves, photos and work. I really don't know what is taking up most of the space lol, as I don't have that many games installed.
  10. If I do this, do I need to buy another key? I bought a key from one of the grey market places when building my PC to keep costs down (sorry if that's frowned upon).
  11. Hey all, PC is running slow due to me having a tonne of stuff on it (built PC May 2016 ish, now have like 1.5tb filled on my 2tb hdd, yikes). I don't have any malware (at least... I don't think I do), I just have a lot of stuff in general. I'm going to buy a small SSD on my next paycheck probably to transfer Windows to (how hard is it to do that, btw?). So my question is, is starting afresh worth it? I kind of want to get rid of all of the junk on my PC, but don't know where to start. I initially thought it was mostly games, so I uninstalled a lot of the Steam games I wasn't playing, but that was only like 200GB. Before someone recommends it, I've used CCleaner, and whilst it was helpful, it did not quite do the trick for me. So anyway, do you think I should wipe my HDD (if so, how should I go about doing it? I've heard bad things about just straight up factory resetting, can't remember what it was though), and if not, what are the alternative options? Thanks all! (i'm aware this post is not very concise and is kind of a messy read, sorry!!)
  12. I'll try and borrow a friend's mouse, as I don't have a spare for some odd reason. I'll try the driver / troubleshooter thing now, thanks for the advice!
  13. Hey all, got a really annoying issue. Basically, every 30 seconds or less my left click will stop working and I'll have have to right click somewhere on the screen (only works when clicking in an area where right clicking will bring up a menu) for me to be able to left click on things again. I can still left click on things inside each tab within the Chrome or whatever program I'm in, but I can't click on tabs to switch (even though I use ctrl+tab anyway, but it's still frustrating) between them or click on anything in this task bar (neither programs nor the clock/calendar, for example). Anyone else having this issue / anyone have a solution? Thanks! I'm willing to provide additional detail if anyone wants to know anything that could be causing the problem, so please ask if there's any detail I've left out because I really want to get this solved!