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Everything posted by Trevor87

  1. Try drop the graphics to medium see if that help but dame it like ram ?
  2. What MOB do you have ? because that also play role
  3. Have you tested the ram in anther pc it might be a bad sick ?.
  4. I don't want to know how it works I just want to see some big files in it to see it not fake and application on there.
  5. I would like to see file in it at lest taking some room at this point it looking more to be fake news
  6. RMA it if it under warranted that is hot. real temp is locking your cores because it to hot. witch means the cpu is clocking down to protect it self.
  7. Tip if you want do tech support as a job it worth getting your A+ and N+ if you don't that side then try C+ witch is programming.
  8. Are us 2 x 8 GB sticks ? because if you are read your Manuel you might not be slotting it in the right sequence.
  9. Yes and no. If it high version then 3703 then no you won't need to flash. If it lower or the same then that bios version then yes you will need flash.
  10. You can use them you just need a SCSI connector on your mob or adapter but it not worth it.
  11. Did some looking it looks like cosair did used different chips on that model ram.
  12. The graphics is okay but for gaming it a not that good. I would no buy graphics card yet because nvidia new line up coming out soon and it quite a improvement.
  13. Nice build.Do you have GPU already if your going to game ?
  14. Well you could switch you mob and Cpu and go for a second hand intel platform witch takes ddr3 ram.
  15. Here video that help https://youtu.be/Tw_tpElJbxY
  16. Try the Dvi port and see if you monitor works ?
  17. Have you moved anything before it start happening or plunged anything in or add anything ?
  18. I was testing you PSU as well but everything passed. That normal for some pc when they start up to buzz for a few seconds on the speakers. Yea my pc also crashes randomly are running windows 10 by any chance ? Because there problem where it does course random crashes some times.
  19. Run IBT and see what happens just make sure your CPU stay under 80 C and take of the sidle panel to see if you can found out where your buzzing sound is coming from ?
  20. Just check your cables are plunged in to there sockets probably and run a stress test.
  21. What are the spec's of the PSU in the system ?
  22. Run a memory test I think windows has one if I am not mistaken but I would suggest going to the manufactures website to see if you can download there ram test
  23. As far as I can see there is not much info on compatible ram for that model laptop the only two that have seen is http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/pavilion-15-au006tx/CT10608251 http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/pavilion-15-au006tx/CT10608226 witch I am sure you can get the a 8 GB equivalent of
  24. What ram do have you in India ? if you can post it then we can see if it compatible.