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  1. What motherboard do you have ? If it is 2 slot board or a 4 slot board you shouldn't have problem.
  2. No need to upgrade most board have PCI express slots
  3. Just wait a bit there servers are over loaded with uploads and download data it does take some time. I have wait about a couple of hours to upload.
  4. Go for it most of the parts are still very decent in today. Still keep your disk media but just back it out the way because you never know what might happen.
  5. Is a laptop or desktop ? It plug and play but I would install the drivers for the box on the pc if laptop if it a desktop then rather go for a internal card.
  6. It good laptop for what you want to use it for. See if they can upgrade ram for you to 8 GB then you be good for collage.
  7. Sounds like you have to replace the front I/O try see if you can get local. if not follow the above
  8. Is this just when you run and play halo 2 ? Or when you run and play all your games or normal use with the pc ?
  9. Trevor87

    Mouse problems

    Have you tried going in to you mouse setting in windows and to see if there is a miss confiscation that siide ?
  10. What power supply do you have
  11. This your modle ? if so the tray should be below the cooling fans
  12. Yea if you dont have fans on the top get two 120 mm blowing out the case if it is air cold use decent fans it does make a difference.
  13. what case do you have and is it water or air cold ?
  14. First of all down lode the utility's of you graphics card if you haven't. Because it help you dial up the card I normal set my power usage to a 100 % and my temps to safe temps so it does not get to hot in the utilises tools with fan speed.
  15. The one way would be through command prompt. I am not sure on how on a mac
  16. Does the pc pick it up the drive in BIOS if so there is a chance that it might need to be formatted back in to a read bill format.
  17. It should be good as basic office or school pc. If you relative wants it then I would just ask if he want a small sdd in there and if he has a old windows 7,8,8.1,10 key that way you can use it. Then you can give them a proper copy of windows 10. But if not and it a random person that you giving it to then go with what you said. The server is 64 bit :). https://www.dell.com/downloads/emea/products/t110_spec_sheet.pdf
  18. If you want to do it legally if you have steam and you have the person permission you can down lode the game throw steam and create file on the your external drive and redirect the down lode to the drive. Then copy the files over to your PC and games settings in steam and should give a setting to find the folder that you have copied over with the game and there you go no big down lode.
  19. What might work is see if you can find some old 1366 boards around your area. Or sell the gear you have and use the money you make off it to a new system.
  20. Yea you should be good if they let you test it just make sure it clean and it works and the fan spins ?
  21. I would go new 1660 super because it a new pc. 1070 is much better card but it a second hand and you don't know the seller a take it ?