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    intel i7 7700
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    asus g11cd-k
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    16 corsair vengeance pro
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    gtx 1660 ti gigabyte oc
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    rosewill thor v-2 w
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    240 gb ssd 1 tb hardrive
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    600 w corsair
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    asus 60 hz
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    corsair h100i
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    razer blackwidow 2014
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    razer deathadder elite
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    windows 10 64 bit

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  1. i think it has to do with steam games be compressed and is causing slow speeds.
  2. and my download on steam keeps dropping to 0 randomly.
  3. i should be getting around 50 mb download
  4. i have a 400mbps internet connection and steam is downloading a max of about 10 mb please help tried all kinds of ways to speed it up but nothings working.
  5. how would i go about installing that bios version do i put it on a usb drive
  6. yeah i checked my firmware and its up to date.
  7. i figured i wouldn't get the full 3000mhz but i thought it would be around 2000mhz
  8. i checked i cant find anything like that its a decent mobo but its got one of the old looking bios. if i cant overclock it. is it just stuck at that frequency.
  9. my mobo is from a prebuilt pc that i ripped apart i really can't find much about it online its a asus g11cd-k.
  10. my ram is showing 1064 mhz and i got 3000mhz ram its corsair vengence rgb pro 16 gb. i dont have a overclockable mobo could that be the problem just want to make sure.
  11. i fixed it for the most part but i did a system restore and its alot better.
  12. i was thinking the same thing.
  13. i've tried other games to like assassins creed odyssey and i max out the settings and it runs just fine.
  14. ive tried older nvidia drivers but it stayed the same i tried all low settings and all maxed settings but it stays the same.