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  1. I decide to update the Bios (to 4.70) on my AB350 Pro4 motherboard while on my lunch break today. Everything goes smoothly, I get back into windows watch a few videos on youtube and go back to work. When I get home I try to turn on my computer but no post. Everything has power, and the fans are in a rhythm of low power, high power, low power etc. I do the normal trouble shooting, make sure everything is seated well and reset the bios, remove the battery for a few minutes...still no post. I pull all the components (including video card) except one stick of ram...same rhythm of the fans (assumed no post). Now I start disconnecting everything from the motherboard, front panel USB, chase fans, I pull everything but the cpu fan and 1 stick of ram and the fan rhythm is normal this time. Thinking its strange, I pop my video card back in and boot up, I can now access the Bios. I power down, reconnect my fans, and back to no post and the fan rhythm. After more troubleshooting I narrow it down to one fan and or fan header. This is the first time I've had a fan and or fan header cause problems like this. Do you think its because of a failed bios update? is this a symptom of a dying board? or maybe some setting somewhere got screwey in the fan curves? ----------------------update------------------------- the fan curves thought came to me after i posted this initially. I opened the Asrock tuning software and found that chase fan 3 (the header giving me the grief) was set oddly instead of a normal curve, at 50C it fan speed is set to 20%, 70C 40%, 72C 60% 80C 80% and 98C it went down to 60%. After adjusting it back to normal things work again, and the software wont allow me to set a downward curve to try and replicate the issue. -- Food for though on some of the screwy stuff that can happen with a bios update. ------------------------Update 2----------------------------- Ya, it doesn't boot again...screw the board, screw computers -----------------------Final Update----------------------------- I bought a new board, staying away from asrock as after doing some research I found that there are quite a few dead boards from bios updates. I went with a Gigabyte aorus 5 (not k5), the selling factor was the dual bios, plus I've always had good luck with gigabyte boards in the past. If i can get this one to boot again, i will try a different bios version and see if it will work then use it for an APU build. -----------------Truly the Final Update---------------------- After tinkering around with the asrock board agian, i got it to post. I took this time to back up my system for when the new board arives today. I was also able to put a lower bios version on it...3.4 i think. Now everything seems stable so I'll use the board for something else. I've been coveting a better board for quite some time, I was going to go with an asrock x370 taichi, but after this I think I will only consider gigabyte and Asus boards for their bios safety features.
  2. Thank you for the reply, I disabled those manually and still no post at 3.9 even at 1.45v. Yes i am running the latest bios and yes i know how to reset my motherboard, i think Ive done it 30 times today. Manually disabling those settings did let me get 3.8ghz at 1.35v though when previously that wouldn't even boot. You were right about the stability of 3.9ghz at 1.35v. I had it running on prime95 for about 40 min with no issues, but when i tried it again it failed in about 30 seconds. I'll pawn this one off as a fluke making me think i won the silicon lottery, then reality kicked in. Thanks again for the help
  3. I'm at a loss here. I have been trying to get my overclock working on my Ryzen r5 1600 system for a while now. I can get 3.9ghz at 1.35 volt on ryzen master, but when trying to plug everything in to my bios it wont post and i have to reset the bios. I have dialed in an overclock in my bios at 3.8ghz at 1.40 volt which is stable but it runs pretty hot under load, and well i know that i can get 3.9ghz at 1.35v. Am i missing a setting? the only thing i have turned off is cool and quiet, i know there were quite a few things i had to disable to get a high OC on my old FX chip, but I couldn't find settings like those for the Ryzen. I am running an R5 1600 on a Asrock B350 Pro4 (the full ATX one), 16gb ddr4 2400mhz, custom water loop. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  4. Regarding eBay, what about promotions put on through eBay and not individual sellers? IE I just bought a Ryzen 5 1600 from a seller on eBay for $192. Right now eBay is having a promotion if you sign up for a credit card you get $30 off your first statement, and eBay is also doing 10% back in eBay bucks...bringing the effective price of that $192 down to $142.80. Would it be alright to share that with no links as you could get the $30 off the first statement + 10% back in eBay bucks with any seller that accepts PayPal.
  5. The draw distance on this little guy is insane
  6. Sell it, buy a GTX 970 for the school, and use the rest to buy a decent card for your uncle? Donate it to the school but ask the people at the project to chip in on a decent card for your uncle?
  7. I agree with Zberry...actually posted that link myself today. In general you are good with buying used on ebay as long as the seller has good feedback...I actually picked up a HD 7870 myself for just under $90 the other day. For the $150 range, If you want a single card, you can nab a used 7970 fairly easily...for a little bit more go for a GTX 960. You can hunt around a bit for a GTX 770. Or you can Xfire 7870's, or SLI GTX 660's in that price range, assuming your mobo supports it.
  8. If you are set on the 730, i would go for the GDDR5 version. That said here is a link where you can buy refurbished cards straight from EVGA, that come with a 1 year warranty. You can get a GTX 660 for $70, which will outperform the GT 730...even if you still decide to grab a GT 730 you might still save some scratch. http://www.evga.com/Products/ProductList.aspx?type=8