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    i5 4690k @ 4.5Ghz
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    Asrock H97 Pro4
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    8gb Corsair XMS3 @ 1600XMP
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    MSI GTX970 4g Gaming
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    Coolermaster Elite 342
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    Sandisk Ultra 480Gb SSD
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    Corsair GS700
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  1. RX 480 not working.

    if the hdmi cable is plugged into the motherboard/integrated graphics then that is very likely your problem
  2. Going from gtx 770 2gb to Rx 570 8gb

    It should be a decent upgrade and will give you access to freesync if you are into that
  3. Not enough space for windows update

    Thanks for the input guys. I have run disk cleanup, got rid of temps, old windows installations, downloads is clean, theres no photos... I will double check I got all the appdata temps though. Literally its just windows and acrobat as it refuses to install anywhere but C: I had the same trouble with my Lenovo 110s that I just have kicking around on the floor (I don't like tablets so use that) but I was, after 3 days, able to coax it into doing the update. Its now got about 9 gig free so if I can just get the blasted update installed it will be fine. And Radium_Angel I hear what you are saying but the systems were both sold with windows 10 installed. In my view, 32gb is not fit for purpose if the supplied OS wont fit. Anyway if all else fails I will clone to the mechanical drive. If the 110s gives trouble I will slap an m2 SSD in there as its got a spare slot. Its annoying though as I only use it for odd things and wanted really cheap. Adding £35 for a 120 gig ssd isn't ideal, I would rather have paid £15 more and got 64gig of mmc from the start.
  4. Not enough space for windows update

    Hi Guys My Girlfriend has a small asus laptop with 32gb of on board mmc storage and she just uses it for note taking in classes at uni. I fitted a 500gb mechanical hard drive to it to contain all her stuff and just leave the ssd for booting. There is nothing other than windows and a few small programs that refuse to install elsewhere on the C drive. The problem is windows has grown so fat it now has not got enough space left to update itself and even after a thorough disk cleaning we dont have enough space for the 1706 (i think its 1706) windows feature update. I cant seem to find a way of downloading the update to another location and running it from there. So, can i download and install from another location, is there another way round, or shall i just give up and clone the drive onto the 500gig hard drive?
  5. Building new PC!

    It all looks reasonable to me. I would save a bit on the case and perhaps get a faster graphics card but i am not too worried about the cosmetic side of my systems. Its personal choice how pretty you want it to be. The 1050ti and R3 are not hot running so 2 fans should be ok, especially in that case. If not, add another fan later. As for the PSU its overkill on the watts but not really excessive. Its a good PSU and thats more important anyway.
  6. PSU upgrade

    Its been a good psu to me other than the noise. In my old system it didnt show as the non rpm adjustable case fans and the howling stock AMD fan on my Phenom 955 totally masked it. Upgrading in 2015 to an i5 with a decent cooler and PWM fans really showed off its weaknesses and recently i upgraded to a case with better airflow and even lower fan rpms. At this point i cant pretend not to hear it so i will be getting a replacement soon.
  7. PSU upgrade

    excellent thank you. I just did a very basic test using the sound meter on my phone. With the system running unigine heaven as a load it ran at about 30db until the power supply fan kicked in. It then rose to 45 as a peak then dropped off as the fan throttled back. For some reason the fan wont run at low rpm all the time. Instead it kicks in, howls like a banshee and slowly runs down until it stops. Then a minute of silence for another ramp. I would rather it just stayed on at lower speed. My PSU is a GS700 by the way. Anyway, the corsair offering looks good from what I have read so far. It might be the one.
  8. PSU upgrade

    Thanks for that, I had not really looked at it but its the same price as the EVGA supernova g2 550 I was looking at. I will read up on the 550x as well
  9. PSU upgrade

    Looking to update my PSU as my current corsair 700w jobby is like a jet engine once the fan kicks in. Having the fan stop at low load is great but the noise it makes when its running is just ridiculous. The octopus of excess cables is also annoying so modular or semi modular is going to be on the cards. Anyway I have a i5 4690k @ 4.5ghz, gtx 1070 armor at 2ghz, an SSD and that's about it. Don't need shed loads of power, even 550w would be more than enough I am sure. Has anyone got any suggestions? I have been looking at EVGA and seasonic offerings around £60-80 mark but cant work out which is likely to be the best all rounder.
  10. SSD Slows down after reboot

    To revive this old saga I never did cure the problem so have bought a new SSD and cloned the OS across. Everything looks good and things that weren't working before now are. I will see how long it lasts. if it fails now then its either the OS or the motherboard.
  11. SSD Slows down after reboot

    quick update. As my CAD program scans all of the drives in the system before starting it was taking 5 minutes to open because the mechanical drive in the system was so slow. I decided to uninstall the drive using windows, I rebooted and we are back to full speed on all drives.
  12. SSD Slows down after reboot

    That more or less sums it up other than it ran perfectly in its current configuration for a few months before the issue reared its head. As I don't have access to a Linux boot drive I cant do anything with that. I wouldn't know where to start anyway with Linux and would need to run it for weeks to get any results. The same is true for taking the system somewhere. I cant be without it for the many weeks they would need to look into the issue and, frankly, it would be cheaper to buy a new board/hard drive etc. The other thing is that the drive speeds have stabilised at the levels in the above screen shot. While not ideal, they don't impact my daily use of the machine so I'm beginning to think I might just ignore it until such time that I can be bothered to reinstall windows. One thing I did forget was that when I was trying to do a backup clone of the drive I had a nightmare trying to get windows to see the drives I was connecting to the system. THe bios showed them, but windows rarely found them and it took ages to get it sorted out. I gave up doing the 2nd backup I intended to do as it was just too much like hard work.
  13. SSD Slows down after reboot

    Ok I finally got round to doing a CMOS clear and the situation has not improved. I think this is a windows issue but goodness knows how. I'm working on the SMART info
  14. SSD Slows down after reboot

    numbers today
  15. SSD Slows down after reboot

    The drive has slowed over the weekend, not enough to notice unless i know where to look but it is slower. I have hardly been home this weekend so no chance to do anything. I am also out tonight so tomorrow maybe if i can find some non conductive tweezers or similar.