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    Computers, football, basketball, tinkering with electronics
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    Msi Pg-65b3
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    MSI Geforce Gtx 1060 Gaming X
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    128gb hyper X savage 2x 256gb Western digital hard drives
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    600w Antec
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    Acer x203h, acer k202hql
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    Corsair RGB Strafe
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    Cheap speakers
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  1. Hopalonghacksaw

    Mysql Database Not Inserting

    Thanks So much I figured It out. In the row messages I did not set a value and there was no default so that is why it did not insert. I also had a header redirect so it could not display errors.
  2. Hopalonghacksaw

    Mysql Database Not Inserting

    So I just Tried That and I Still Got No change. I really have no clue what was going on.
  3. Hopalonghacksaw

    Mysql Database Not Inserting

    So I am having a problem with PHP and inserting into A database. So here is the Code I have that is supposed to insert into a database public static function createJob($user_id,$value,$files,$local,$shipping,$print,$weld,$cnc,$solder,$laser,$timeframe,$zipcode,$material, $material2,$desc,$start,$end) { $database = DatabaseFactory::getFactory()->getConnection(); $sql = "INSERT INTO jobs (createid,3dprint,weld,cnc,solder,laser,files,pay,material,local,zipcode,timeframe,material2,description,startstage,endstage) VALUES(:user_id,:print,:weld,:cnc,:solder,:laser,:files,:pay,:material,:local,:zipcode,:timeframe,:material2,:desc,:start,:end"; $query = $database->prepare($sql); // Insert Data into Rows $result = $query->execute(array( ':user_id' => $user_id, ':print' =>$print, ':weld' => $weld, ':cnc' => $cnc, ':solder' => $solder, ':laser' => $laser, ':files' => $files, ':pay' => $value, ':material' =>$material, ':local' => $local, ':zipcode' => $zipcode, ':timeframe' => $timeframe, ':material2' => $material2, ':desc' => $desc, ':start' => $start, ':end' => $end )); //check if function executed properly return $result; } So I call This Function and Get Zero Errors. I have Error Reporting On with the Report all Errors set to 1 and I have checked the php logs and mysql logs with no problems. I have checked and the data is being processed and passed through. I Also get no result when I run the function It Just Doesnt Work for Some Reason Here is the table that I am trying to insert into. CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `jobs` ( `job_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT 'auto incrementing user_id of each user, unique index', `active` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `createid` int(11) NOT NULL, `doid` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, `3dprint` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `weld` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `cnc` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `solder` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `description` varchar(5000) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `files` varchar(25) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `pay` decimal(8,2) DEFAULT NULL, `reviewed` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `material` varchar(50) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci DEFAULT NULL, `local` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `zipcode` int(6) NOT NULL, `timeframe` int(2) NOT NULL DEFAULT '2', `shipping` decimal(10,0) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `material2` varchar(500) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `laser` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' COMMENT 'New Tool', `Cdate` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, `dodate` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, `Message` varchar(5000) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `startstage` int(5) NOT NULL COMMENT 'What Stage did it start at', `endstage` int(5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1' COMMENT 'What stage will it end at', PRIMARY KEY (`job_id`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=3 DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_unicode_ci COMMENT='Tasks Table'; Any Help Would Be Appreciated.
  4. Hopalonghacksaw

    PHP framework Help

    Update: I changed the SQL Query and now it magically works without a problem. Hmm I guess I should not use the generated phpmyadmin Query
  5. Hopalonghacksaw

    PHP framework Help

    I just did that and the getPublicProfilesOfAllUsers() function returns data just fine but getUserExtensionOfAllUsers() function does not return any data what so ever. Is there some differences in the functions that I am missing that would affect if there is data being returned? public static function getPublicProfilesOfAllUsers() { $database = DatabaseFactory::getFactory()->getConnection(); $sql = "SELECT user_id, user_name, user_email, user_active, user_has_avatar, user_deleted FROM users"; $query = $database->prepare($sql); $query->execute(); $all_users_profiles = array(); foreach ($query->fetchAll() as $user) { // all elements of array passed to Filter::XSSFilter for XSS sanitation, have a look into // application/core/Filter.php for more info on how to use. Removes (possibly bad) JavaScript etc from // the user's values array_walk_recursive($user, 'Filter::XSSFilter'); $all_users_profiles[$user->user_id] = new stdClass(); $all_users_profiles[$user->user_id]->user_id = $user->user_id; $all_users_profiles[$user->user_id]->user_name = $user->user_name; $all_users_profiles[$user->user_id]->user_email = $user->user_email; $all_users_profiles[$user->user_id]->user_active = $user->user_active; $all_users_profiles[$user->user_id]->user_deleted = $user->user_deleted; $all_users_profiles[$user->user_id]->user_avatar_link = (Config::get('USE_GRAVATAR') ? AvatarModel::getGravatarLinkByEmail($user->user_email) : AvatarModel::getPublicAvatarFilePathOfUser($user->user_has_avatar, $user->user_id)); } return $all_users_profiles; } public static function getUserExtensionOfAllUsers() { $database = DatabaseFactory::getFactory()->getConnection(); $sql = $sql = "SELECT * FROM userextension WHERE userid > 10"; $query = $database->prepare($sql); $query->execute(); $all_users_profiles = array(); foreach ($query->fetchAll() as $user) { // all elements of array passed to Filter::XSSFilter for XSS sanitation, have a look into // application/core/Filter.php for more info on how to use. Removes (possibly bad) JavaScript etc from // the user's values array_walk_recursive($user, 'Filter::XSSFilter'); $all_users_stuff[$user->userid] = new stdClass(); $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->all = $user; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->user_id = $user->userid; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->address1 = $user->address1; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->address2 = $user->address2; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->state = $user->state; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->city = $user->city; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->zipcode = $user->zipcode; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->fullname = $user->fullname; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->stripeid = $user->stripeid; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->balance = $user->balance; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->totalpay = $user->totalpay; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->totaljobs = $user->totaljobs; $prints = "3dprints"; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->$prints = $user->$prints; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->weld = $user->weld; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->cnc = $user->cnc; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->solder = $user->solder; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->phone = $user->phone; $all_users_stuff[$user->userid]->num = "100"; } return $all_users_profiles; } Any Help would be great.
  6. Hopalonghacksaw

    PHP framework Help

    I am working on a project that is based of the the Huge PHP login Framework on Github. I am Working on adding in the other database tables for the users and I want to make it so I can see the data in the table on the admin page. The Admin index page has this implemented for the current table but I have created a page that is for the rest of less accessed information that an admin does not need to look at on a regular basis. I copy and pasted the getPublicProfilesOfAllUsers() from the UserModel.php and added it right below along with the changes to the code that I saw as necessary. Then I mapped the function and values on the admin controller page. I also created a basic html page that was based of the admin page that showed normal user information and I removed the code that I felt was not necessary. I know I have data in my Mysql Database in the table so I really don't know why its not being passed through to the html page. I have tried setting default values on the model page and still I get no information passed through to the webpage I don't know that I did wrong and it would be a big help if I could get some pointers. UserModel.php index.php private.php AdminController.php
  7. Hopalonghacksaw

    3D Printer Auto Bed Leveling issues

    You could disable autobed leveling by either removing the GCODE that does autobed leveling which I belive is the “G29” Command. The other option is to unplug the sensor and start the print with the bed manually leveled and the print head very close to the bed and going from there.
  8. Hopalonghacksaw

    Looking to buy a 3D printer £800 max budget

    I personally have a Anet a8 and it cant print a decent square but at school we have Prusa Mk3 and they are amazing for what they can do. If you really want more info Check out Make’s 3d printer round up they did a large number of price points and had nice graphs and everything.
  9. Hopalonghacksaw

    vintage pinball machine help

    I know some people who are into complex mechanical devices such as mechanical calcuators so I will message them and see if they are willing to look at it. If We had larger scans I could definetly look at the logic and see where the fault might be.
  10. Hopalonghacksaw

    MiraBook / SuperBook DIY

    There is also the power problem. I doubt that this screen is going to use under 3.5 to 5amps at5v just because of how much power is used for a standard screen. Plus you might want to plug in your phone to charge things. So personally I would go for a bigger battery but it starts to near the super book price range so it might just be worth it to go buy a super book if you still see it as an option. Unless you want to build your own battery which is possible despite what linus says about spot welding and heating batterys it probably will be cheaper to buy a super book but It would be a great project that could be made better by the adition of a raspberry pi or any other small computer that could be used for desktop replacment or sent up as a thin client. Overall looks like a good fun project if your up for it but its not the most practical. I have done similar with a old laptop display some batterys and A Raspberry pi and it was great for learning but terrible for anything useful.
  11. Hopalonghacksaw

    Building my first drone

    So I am using the SP racing f3 Flight controller and it works great for my big quad well on my small racing quad. To anwnser the second question about firmware. Yes there is firmware that goes onto the quad. There are a ton of places that have better resouces than me so I would recommend you start searching about “ Inav” or “Cleanflight”. Those are 2 biggest firewares that come to mind and have lots of vidoes showing how to do things. You will need to make sure that your flight controller supports the firmware but there is a large number of supported controllers out there. Once flashed there are lots to configure on your computer and upload to flight controller. You get access to large amounts of tuning and all sensors that are connected or built in to the controller. There is a lot to learn about RC drones so I recommend watching the Hak5 Racing drone series before you start. Also There are many ways to connect your RC controller to a flight controller so your likely to have support it is more of just seting up one way for them to communicate and making sure its solid. Hope this helps
  12. Hopalonghacksaw

    Individually addressable LED strips

    There is a great Program made for the esp8266. It has a Webserver running on the Esp8266 then you can edit values there with very little software. Its a great arduino project that is a bit complex but I have used it and the instrutions are pretty good. It might seem overwhelming but I can help walk you through the process if you need it. I also belive that there is a video or 2 that shows instuctions also. https://github.com/jasoncoon/esp8266-fastled-webserver/blob/master/README.md
  13. Hopalonghacksaw

    Cyber Security Certifications

    Ok thank you all for the recomendations. I will definetly start with the basics before I move on. I will probably do some online study guides for A+ and Net+ to start and go from there.
  14. Hopalonghacksaw

    Cyber Security Certifications

    I have just recently got into cyber security and penetration testing as a hobby and it something I might look at for a job. I am just in high school so it would not be a big change if I decided not to pursue it. I have done some research about what you need to be qualified in the field and found that besides a computer related degree you want to have certifications.I have spent a decent amount of time just messing with Kali Linux and have a good knowledge of programming down. .I have tried the bug bounty thing and made a bit of money off of it but I just don't have the skills yet so I am wondering if it would be a good idea to pursue a certification of a any sort in hacking or penetration testing. I have heard about the CompTIA Pentest+ and Security+ certifications but they are not very hands on, I have also heard about the CEH Certification (Certified Ethical Hacker) and did not know if it was very hands on or not. I only have about $400 to spend right now so it would be great if it were close to that price. I have also read places that people thing certifications are just resume fillers and that they don't show real skill except for OSCP and other lab based tests. For the future what degree would you recommend for cyber security. I have a goal of owning a penetration testing company at some point and don't know if I should also change the degree for like bushiness management or something similar. Any Input helps
  15. Hopalonghacksaw

    Offline Computer that is small with lots of storage

    Well I guess that would work, I could create a home page and index the folders, and make links to stuff I was trying to avoid programming but I can do that