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  1. Is sharepoint an option for you? While permissions aren't always ideal, it does work alright for my applications.
  2. Have you considered using a gigabit switch as a cheaper alternative? You could continue using your current router to provide wifi, and a gigabit switch to provide more gigabit ethernet ports.
  3. Transcoding (in our application) is the process of taking a video file and transforming that file to different resolutions and quality levels (colors etc) to make it more playable on certain devices. A common use case is to transcode a 1080p 20mbps file down to 1080p 8mbps to make it play better on a poor connection external to your network. Other things that are related are audio transcoding. An example would be going from 7.1 surround sound capable file to 2.1 for a common soundbar + subwoofer setup. Subtitle burn-in is also related, as I believe it re-encodes the video with the subtitles bu
  4. This appears to fit all of your requirements: https://www.walmart.com/ip/MSI-Optix-MPG27CQ-27-WQHD-2560x1440-144Hz-FreeSync-Curved-Gaming-Monitor/122807963
  5. I was hoping this would be the case, but have been having a lot of problems getting this to work in FreeNas.
  6. Are you looking to purchase hardware, or rent out server space from a company that hosts?
  7. It is- I fought with this forever trying to get Freenas installed my first time- when I followed their guide step by step and used their tool and settings for creating the bootable drive it all just worked. I love Rufus, but it doesn't play nicely with Freenas, or some other ISOs I have used recently... I have personally been having the best luck with win32 disk imager. Try following the guide on their website exactly, my bet is your problem will disappear.
  8. You are absolutely right- I never even thought about putting the router in bridged mode to keep the extra port! Thank you for teaching me something!
  9. I usually just turn on DHCP and that works for me? Probably a difference in routers; they are all different.
  10. I'd highly recommend PFsense- I have had awesome luck with it! Buy an access point or turn off DHCP on an old router and use it to broadcast your wireless network.
  11. Mini-SAS is a type of connector. Any HBA from LSI that is pre-flashed into IT mode should work with the mini-SAS backplanes. You will likely need 2 mini-SAS cables to connect the backplane to the HBA. A recommendation for an internal HBA would be: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-LSI-6Gbps-SAS-HBA-LSI-9200-8i-9211-8I-IT-Mode-ZFS-FreeNAS-unRAID-US/123916887273?hash=item1cda05a4e9:g:k0IAAOSw6k9did97 A server chassis will likely be the easiest way to get 10+ bays for hard drives. The advantage of SAS connectivity (in my opinion) is the ability to use ebay SAS drives
  12. Alright, if it is labeled as HDMI 2.0 it should be alright. If you play a game and run task manager in the background, how does your GPU activity/ performance look? Is the card struggling too much to push the frame rate/ resolution you're asking of it?
  13. Alright, have you verified that the cable you are using is HDMI 2.0 spec?
  14. Okay, open nvidia control panel and see what specs it lists for your display, make sure they match.
  15. I'd personally go with the viewsonic for the faster refresh rate. The extra screen size of the asus could be nice, but I think I'd still choose the higher refresh rate.