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  1. I guess i'll talk to my ISP and try to figure this out, but i have to thank you for your efforts in helping me.
  2. i pay for the same package, no changes were made to my ISP contract, so it should stay same.
  3. okay, i see the mistake i mdae here, but it doesn't change the fact that y speed droped a lot
  4. So the problem with my wifi's speed is that it droppped from nearly 20MB/s to 5-7.5 MB/s(these speeds came from steam, but on speedtest.net it is around 65MB/s as it was before). The only have changed that my brother got a pc and he connected it via a cable to the router. My network car-Tp-Link Archer T6E Os-Win 10 (newest update) router-CBN Ch7465CE
  5. False alarm, all i had to do is, close the window that poped up and it finalized the setup. im sorry
  6. When im installing windows 7 via usb i get a window „ windows could not configure Windows to tun on this computer’s hardware.”. I did try the Shift+F10 method with typing in msoobe, but when i try to finalize the setup it goes back to the same window with the same message. Solution: all i had to do is to close window that poped up
  7. Today i tried to plug in my second monitor but its white, just white. Any idea how to solve this? EDIT: The second display is a scraped laptop display( b141ew02 panel), i have the latest GPU drivers (GTX 1070) and im using a HDMI cable. https://www.amazon.de/Audioeingang-LCD-Controller-Karte-LTN154AT07-LTN141AT02-LCD-Panel/dp/B06XKVTKDH/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1511362756&sr=8-1&keywords=lcdboard+ltn154at07 im using this lcd board.
  8. Asus PRIME Z370-P vs MSI Z370 Tomahawk Which one should i pick?
  9. Gamman

    Best IEMs for $150

    sorry i was kinda hang up on everything, but thanks.
  10. Ok, so did everything you guys said, so far so good. But I think i'll get a new cable asap. edit: wierd didn't Quote
  11. About 5 mins ago my monitor (BenQ XL2411) started to blink/flicker from noraml to a red-ish color. Dunno why, please help.
  12. Gamman

    Best IEMs for $150

    Can you link me the special edition, because i can not find it in europe. BTW i heard that there's a flaw with this model, the "sound tube" is known for breaking, is that true?
  13. Gamman

    Best IEMs for $150

    I'm in the market for a new pair of IEMs, i prefer a more warm sound with a bit of additional bass.
  14. i guess this post is already dead