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  1. as far as I know, they pay VAT for you you if you pay for the priority shipping. But it's a liitle bit of a gable.
  2. that's like 20% or something more expensive than the gearbest one. Waiting is not really an option. It's his first gaming PC, also I don't see the point. The CPU should not be the limiting factor here, even with the 7400, right?
  3. okay I see. Thanks So a i3 8100 is the best deal at the moment? What about the graphics card? RX 580 is about the same as a 1060 with 3GB. The 6GB 1060 is around 100€ more.
  4. Hello, my friend is looking for a 1080p 60Hz gaming pc for around 600$. He asked me about sourcing some parts, but I'm not really informed at the moment. He found this gearbest deal for 617 Euro: https://www.gearbest.com/all-in-one-computers/pp_618997.html?wid=21 it features a 1060 with 6GB and a i5 7400. The SSD and PSU probably suck, but it should do the job. What do you guys think? I could build him a PC with a i3 8100 and 1060 3GB for the same price or with a 6GB 1060 for around 100€ more. Thank you for your help
  5. I can tell you that much, I got a GTX1080 and a 4K screen without gsync and I'm not happy with it. I would definitely pick a monitor with at least 100Hz and gsync.
  6. I got a 4K monitor and 1440p looks much worse than on a native 1440p monitor. Really blurry. I'll go back to 1440p with a high refresh rate
  7. I'll wait for the samsung CHG75 VA panel with HDR, Gsync, 27", 1440p and 144Hz. Will release some time this year.
  8. wait for the new QD VA panels. I'm waiting too, the IPS models are bad. Backlight bleed like shit, also no HDR.
  9. Is there a release date for the Samsung CHG75 yet? I'm not happy with the current 1440p 144Hz monitors.
  10. LMG guys should have spend more time researching the macbook pro 16GB RAM power topic than wasting their time on this crap video
  11. First of all, this is clearly one of the worst LMG videos I have ever seen. Especially the shout out to Louis and statements like planned obsolescence is very unprofessional and make me kinda sad. The facts why apple could not go with 32GB of RAM have been listed here, so I will not add anything to this. But I wonder, is it really necessary to have 32GB RAM in a PRO notebook with a SSD that fast?
  12. keep in mind that games in 1440p on a 4k monitor look quite blurry. Ich got a GTX 1080 and a 4K monitor and I'm thinking about moving back to 1440p and 144Hz, since some games won't hit nearly 60fps in 4K.
  13. And I have to buy the RGB one, because the normal one has a red backlight. Why red damnit