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  1. hi bdubbs I was reading your post the other day about asus prime 370 pro with ryzen 3900x, I am planing to get 3900x and I still wonder how this motherboard will handle it? so I am wonder if you please tell me after several months of using this motherboard and processor (if you still do) how they preform together? do you get any over heating or stability problems? I am mainly planing to use it in 3d modeling and rendering so maybe there will be some stress during rendering for long period of time! So please can you help me with your experience. Thank you in advance :) 

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    2. MoSaber


      about 90$ used

    3. LukeSavenije


      oh, i see


      that's not too bad for it

    4. MoSaber


      yes hope everything will work fine I am simply worry of stability with the newer processor and vrm temps.

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