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    Computer and female but obviously i will maried a female not fu*king computer
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  1. Wtf, now game running fine when i turn on hardware monitoring, idk why or how.
  2. not yet, okay i'll check resource usage next time i've the time.
  3. idk what happened to the game, because it run fine and smooth last time i played, but now the game was unplayable because the lag, stutter and long loading time. Nvidia Setting HDD Cache Power Mode Plugged to wall Minimum Addons (unlimited money , and normal things like that)
  4. Technicians already came home, and there is bad and good news, the good news sometimes i can connect (idk why sometimes all got disconnected, atleast i can connect for random time span), the bad news i didnt get forwarding on public ip server or any public ip for my router and technician didn't do sh*t.
  5. already contacted my ISP and they will sending out technician for sort the port forwarding at the main IP, fingger cross.
  6. Read some article related to my ISP and PortForward the case was right, run out IPv4 and then they give us private ip not the WAN one.
  7. owh shiet things getting soo serious now, yep most likely this sh*tty ISP causing the problem, because some game got error after i change to current ISP and didnt have any problem in old one, thanks for all the answer, is there anything that i can do to fix the problem beside contacting the ISP. Already contact the ISP and they will send people to set my router.
  8. Recently i play GTA V again and my game said that my NAT was strict, i have tried many time before like: Port Forward DMZ Enable UPnP Allowing Edge Transfersal Port On Firewall Port On FolderExplorer but still the NAT type is strict, anyone got an idea ?
  9. owh s*it you are right it ported for wan, but unplugged, prolly because fiber optic port was used. sorry i didn't check that in the first place.
  10. Some time ago, i plug new cable to the router (from existing 3 cable to 4) and the new one was connected to router but no internet, anyone got any idea? FYI: Huawei router.
  11. yep im sure it is unlocked because my country didnt have any policy bout that things, and i notice its not frimware stuck but the os
  12. My frimware stuck at g950fxxu1 and that's latest update checker said, i chek at internet the latest one is g950fxxu4 , is there something wrong with my phone ?
  13. Few days ago i have a problem with my audio driver and i had to reinstall the realtek and nahimic, the game audio and web(youtube) is fixed but if i download a video or mp3 music format from web and play it with (Movies&TV,Windows Media Player,VLC Player,Groove Music) there is no sound detected (if i start mp3 system said format cannot be played or failed to play), is anybody know to this problem and how to trobleshoot ?