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  1. Hi, currently i use kinda dated laptop (GL62m 7Rdx) , and this thought came into my mind, is it okay to push gpu clock harder specially in laptop ? Since i had thermal to spare ,after repaste and cpu undervolt years ago, i overclock the gpu clock and memory, without overvolt since i don't have the control on this laptop, is it okay tho ? is 70 to low 80 good for long term use ? will the vrm hold up ?, or better to turn the overclock on and off as needed ? Gpu clock is on 1987-1999 mhz and the memory 3750 ish
  2. I just wondering, this crazy idea, may or may not be good idea, about adding more 8pin to GPU, because many of 3rd party manufactured card, have extra solder point, and maybe trace line on PCB ???
  3. you can check by (name of the cpu) undervolt, that may help.
  4. Hello, i wonder if anyone knew is there any modified macbook bottom case that have f*ing vent ??
  5. Hi i want to pour my rant into this thread, so keep up. I love this laptop like my own child since i bought it about 3 years ago, i had no big issue, problem that have been fix (thermal, fix that with undervolt and clean the fan and heatsink once in 6-12months, unstable, fix that with bios update) until few days ago, suddenly there is a severe crack/split in my lcd backhousing (and it noticeably bend when i open/close the lid), so i contacted the msi OCS (online customer service), and they tell me to go into one of their SC (service center). But because
  6. hmm i had simillar problem, but with sapphire rx 5600xt, i fixed that problem by gpu bios update.
  7. or if you dont get any answer the best way to know is experiment, put the 1mm, if you get any significant gain on cpu/gpu performance because poor contact between heatsink and the die you could change to 0,5, don't use the 0,5 first because if vrm and vram have poor contact, usually they didn't have any thermal sensor to observe.
  8. hmm best way to know that, product manual, or just ask the online customer service, i face the same problem as you and have ask msi about the correct thickness for my msi laptop vrm and vram, because the thermal pad have different colour and i assume different thickness.
  9. Hi, anyone know about that things or even what thickness usually found on msi laptop, because i cleaned my fan and repaste once in 6-12 months (depend on temp monitor), and the thermal pad show wear and tear or just dirty, and i want to replace that.
  10. hmmm did u have any equalizer recommendation for wireless device in ios and win 10 pc ? because the high hz sound surely loud af, when i test the latency in warzone game the spike of sound was unbearable even tho the latency is quite good
  11. i know before u said transparency, and noise canceling feature, or that last update, i know that feature was amazing, but really tho beaten by about 10 times cheaper product ?
  12. Can someone explain why, my way cheaper wired in-ear have better sound dynamic range, bassier bass and more pronounce treble than f*ing air pods pro, kinda up set by that, sorry for language.
  13. did anyone have recommendation for 24 inch 144hz 1080p monitor, that actually good, i heard some asus TUF stuff and some MSI Optix but im not sure which one is good, if you had several recommendation please let me know, because availablity.
  14. i tried simillar mouse to m275 it was horrible can't flick, the accuracy was worse than cheapo usb mouse, i prolly pick some g102/3 for some time and i pick wireless one after i had enough spare money, thanks for the respond tho.
  15. is anyone have experience Logitech M275 mouse and use it for playing some fps game ? money little bit tight right now and my logitech g is in edge of its life, frequent cutting out, prolly i fucked up the cable because i usually roll cable up to size of backpack pocket if i bring it to cafe, so to avoid those kinda problem in the future i think wireless mouse was way to go, first option was logitech g304/g305 i don't know which one is available in my country but one of those, but because money little bit tight and i found good deal for Logitech M275 guess i will take it, until i have spare mon
  16. owh sorry i dont update my spec i have 512 ssd for boot and some games that take ages to load, but sometimes i archive some video on Nas but it's more likely to be stored in local drive because my country didnt have blazing speed isp to connect on outside the LAN
  17. Currently i want to upgrade my laptop HDD for 2 TB HDD becuase it's quite old and prolly will go HDD again, i found 2 beautifully price hdd first one have bigger cache but lower 5400 rpm the second option had 7200 rpm but lower cache, which one should i buy ??
  18. Hello, lately i build rgb pc, selecting part even fan that have rgb mystic light compatible,but rgb doesn't work, even Motherboard RGB, idk why the ram rgb turn on even obey the dragon center (msi control panel), is it possible that the motherboard wreck ?, or is this software issue ?, 1 of my fan rgb start turning on but didn't obey dragon center.