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  1. My PSU, Monitor, router and speakers say 120-220v input!
  2. Okay so I need to purchase one of those step down converters?
  3. I guess its the same principle as AC surge protection. If excess voltage is detected, the excess is sent to the ground wire, thereby keeping what's plugged in, safe.
  4. Sorry I forgot to mention we have 220v 50hz . Will it work or will I see fireworks?
  5. I've been wanting to purchase a surge protector for a long time, I saw some good discounts on and thought that its the right time to purchase. I don't know which one to buy as I have little knowledge about them. My requirements : 1) I'll need it for my PC, router and speakers. 2) The protector must have RJ45 protection. 3) And our UPS isn't pure sine wave, so my PSU makes a buzzing sound. Can a surge protector help with this? I came across this- But you guys should tell me whether I should buy it or not! Oh and I'll be shipping it to India. And will it work with 220v 50Hz? Thanks!
  6. @Daniel Z. @Oshino Shinobu @jldjul @Kloaked @HydraGaming Hello guys! I got the HyperX Cloud. Its amazing (at least, compared to my previous headphones). Yes its not the best, but it does what it says pretty darn well ! I wanted to thank all of you for helping me make my decision!
  7. Well I searched many websites, but if I buy headphones and a mic it does cost me more than a headset. Yes I really like your ideas but I just can't do it now (Considering I'm not earning now (16), so I don't want to spend a tonne of my parent's money). I'll surely do this for my next pair later down the line! Okay I'm kinda settling on the Cloud now. Should I go for it?
  8. I understand that $100 is low. But I just can't spend more on headphones. Anything I buy for $100 will definitely be better than what I have now ( <$40).
  9. I understand what you want to convey, the modmic takes up half my budget, so I have $50 left for the headphones. Can I get a decent pair within this budget? Also I don't want 7.1 or anything like that. And I don't hate you!
  10. Is the Cloud II worth its price? Do I get any additional comfort or is it just the 7.1 surround and noise cancellation? And what about the Cloud Core? Its almost half the price, huge performance and comfort cut ?
  11. You mean this- ?
  12. I listen to music too, there are many Hyper X 'Clouds', can I just pick any which is in my budget? Or do you suggest any particular one?
  13. They are perfect, except it doesn't have a mic. I'm extremely sorry that I for to mention that! Any other pair you know of?
  14. I want to buy a pair of headphones, which I'm gonna wear everyday, so I'm looking for ones which don't cause any pain even after wearing for a long time. Open or closed, you guys please tell which will best suit me, as I have no idea about how they differ in their sound. My budget is $100 (max) ~ ₹6500. I would really love it if your suggested pair is available on , even if it isn't, please suggest, I'll try to find it elsewhere. Thanks in advance! Edit: I'll need one with a mic! and I'll also be using it for gaming!
  15. Yup network isn't a ptoblem. Recently got a fiber connection too! And yea I'll buy during sales. By the way do you know when the next sale is scheduled? Okay I'll keep away from keys and DVDs! Thanks guys!