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  1. Yup!!! An Unmanaged switch should be fine right? And can you just tell me your thoughts on the two routers I posted about?
  2. Yea @Maxintosh. Its good. But looks like it doesn't have gigabit Ethernet ports. Or else I would have bought it right away.
  3. Sorry, I didn't make my point clear. I do get a fiber modem with 1 Ethernet port, I'll need to hook this up with a router so that I can access the internet over Wi-Fi and transfer files over the Gigabit Ethernet ports.
  4. I found these- But the reviews don't sound pleasing. What do you say?
  5. I'm choosing a monthly plan, and I don't get any Router/modem with this plan.
  6. Currently I'm using a DSL internet connection. So my modem + router has a RJ11 port. I'm gonna upgrade to Fiber soon, so I'll need a router with a RJ45 in port. Also I transfer a lot of files between PCs and the 100Mbps is seriously bottlenecking it!
  7. So, I'm looking for a decent router with gigabit Ethernet ports. I'm not looking for blazing fast speeds over Wi-Fi. My main concern is that- It will be placed in a house which has concrete walls. So Antennas need to be up to mark. Should I go for Wireless AC? To be future proof? So can you please suggest some routers which will suite my needs? Oh and, I'm trying to keep it below $50! Thanks! PS: Currently I'm using my ISP router, and surprisingly it covers the whole house. ~2000sqft
  8. Sorry, Hope this one works- I mean Just reformat the HDD and install Windows 10?
  9. What about buying this and Installing Windows on it? We have a copy of genuine Windows.
  10. Yes, but we use Office 365 services. So we need Windows.
  11. That's a very good option. Thanks! I found one with similar specs- What do you think?
  12. So my dad needs a couple laptops for a few employees at the office, no multitasking or intensive applications, just simple stuff like, emails and Office. Which laptop should I suggest him? I would really appreciate if you could suggest from Budget: Not more than ₹20,000, unless there's a very good reason to choose that. Thanks!
  13. Haven't played Crysis 3 yet. I meant Crysis and Crysis 2
  14. Okay. That's cool. But I have another issue. In Crysis alone, if I turn on V-Sync my FPS(Output to display) gets capped at 50. The game renders at 70FPS, but the output to my monitor is 50.
  15. So when I play Crysis, I get 100+ FPS and my GPU is at 100% load. But My monitor is only 70Hz. How can I bring the FPS rate down to about 75-80. So that I can reduce the load on my GPU and also keep the system a bit cooler.