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  1. Well I'm still not sure. This looks pretty solid, but I need advice.
  2. I really appreciate your help. But I'm trying to keep it under $45/ ₹3000. (
  3. That will solve the bottleneck, but what about the 'dead spots'?
  4. There's something called 'Bridge Setting' which has 'Ageing Time' and '802.1d Spanning Tree' fields And in another page 'Half Bridge' Settings.(Enable/Disable) and 'Interface' field Are these what you mentioned?
  5. Ooh, sorry. That's wired. I'll change it!
  6. So I'm quite new to modems and routers. Currently I'm using the one my ISP provided, there are few 'Wi-Fi dead spots' in our house, the speed is limited to 150Mbps (Wired), which is a serious bottleneck as I transfer a lot of data between devices. So will I need to buy a new modem as well? or Can I just buy a decent router and plug it into my ISP provided one, since the locally shared data will never go to modem anyway. I thought this- is a simply, not so expensive router which has all the stuff I want. But I need some advice, cause I know very little about these! Thanks!
  7. The problem persisted even when running on integrated graphics. So I just ran Windows update once, it installed some display drivers. I rebooted twice. The problem was no longer seen. Then I plugged in my GPU again, it started without any issues, I reinstalled the NVidia drivers, rebooted twice just to be sure, no issues, And it looks like its actually faster than before. Thanks!
  8. Okay, How do I enable On-Board-Graphics? Cause I'm new to desktops, this is my first build and I don't know how to do it. Should I enable it in the bios or something?
  9. Well Windows Update has been disabled from 2 weeks, as some update always failed to install and My PC kept rebooting. I've restarted about 4-5 times. But Even if it takes a long time, will the complete output be disabled? (I don't know, so I'm asking you)
  10. So this issue is with my PC which I built 3 weeks ago - It was working fine few days ago, but now, whenever I turn it on, I see the Windows logo and the circling dots, and then the output from my PC is cut off (as my monitor says 'No Signal') Then after about 30-60seconds, I see the lock screen. So I need some help guys! PS: It used to arrive at the lock screen within 6 sec from when the button is pressed before this issue.
  11. My bad, replace 'torch' with Flashlight
  12. @STRMfrmXMN @Energycore @Naeaes @manikyath @Dawson Wehage It spun! Yes, first time. Now I'm relived that my unit isn't defective. Here's how, if your interested- I was in the process of overclocking my GPU and was running Heaven to test stability. 15 min into the test....My PSU surface temp was around 45°C (As measured by my not so accurate surface temp instrument) Then I suddenly heard another sound, I knew my case fans were already set to 100%, so hoping for the best I just looked into the back of my PSU, and hot air was being exhausted. Using a small torch flashlight(edit), I could clearly see the fan spinning! And I was surprised at how low the temp of the PSU dropped later, to about 32°C in less than 6 min! Just thought of sharing it with you guys!
  13. i5-6500 (Under Load- 64°C, Idle- 41°C) GTX1060 (Under Load- 70°C, Idle- 45°C) System temp (Under load- 48°C, Idle- 40°C ) --- According to MSI Software
  14. I know there are premium softwares like Premier Pro etc....... and have used them. I'm converting my 'Analog Album' (Video tapes) to digital media and need to edit them. Now all I need to do is to trim those videos, into smaller segments. I need a basic software, which has CUDA acceleration. Is there any software like that? Thanks!
  15. Is is better to add a static pressure fan?