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    Intel Core i5-6500
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    MSI B150M Gaming Pro
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    Corsair Vengence LPX 8GB DDR4 (1x8)
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    MSI Armor GTX 1060(3G)
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    MasterBox 5
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    Samsung 750 EVO 120GB SSD, 2x 500GB HDDs
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    Corsair RM450
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    LG 22" 1080p IPS
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    Logitech G502
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    Windows 10 Home
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  1. Thanks guys!
  2. Will check out Macrium Reflect. Thanks! And, I don't have any drives at hand. Need to purchase one, does it matter if its internal or external? Its just gonna store backups anyways. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. A few hours ago I messed up my registry and even though I had a backup (of the registry), it didn't restore for some reason. After many failed attempts, using system restore, I was able to get things working again, but as with every system restore, a lot of programs were 'broken'. And it was such a pain just to reinstall them. Now I need some help with backups, to help me in case of such a situation (or worse, a drive failure) : 1) Windows: I know that if I create a System image, I can get things exactly how they were in case of any problem, but it takes up a tonne of space. Is it really worth giving up so much space? or is there any other way to take any kind of backup that can help me in a situation like this? 2) Personal files: As for personal files, I don't have any sort of backup. Should I just use file history or, something like 'Storage Spaces' with a 'RAID-5 like' config (the parity option)? Any other alternative that you would suggest? Thanks!
  4. Have an FTTH connection.
  5. Well according to Logitech's website the G502 is around 121g (Without cable). In the MadCatz website (I couldn't find the RAT 5) the 6 is 120g.
  6. Well I haven't play a few of them , but this is what I say: If you need to change your mouse position very often(like lifting and placing it somewhere else on the mousepad) a lot, and need lightning fast movements, don't get the G502, its too heavy for that. If your a casual gamer like me, who plays campaign a lot, Doom, BF1 campaign etc.... the G502 is perfect! I've played Crysis, and CoD games with my G502, and I feel its great.
  7. I have a Logitech G502 and love it. The only drawback is its weight. I've programmed many buttons to my needs and (as Pandalf said) its great for productivity. I find it just fine in casual games, but if your gonna play something competitive like CS:GO you better consider a lighter mouse, as its a bit heavy when you try to lift and reposition it. I've never used Razer mice before so I don't know about that.
  8. After the Creators Update, displaying the contents of a PDF file on screen (Using Edge) uses 90% + of my CPU (i5-6500) and temps go crazy (Not to mention it takes so long to just display the content). And this happens every time I scroll. So your not the only one with these issues. I'm hoping it will be fixed in the next update.
  9. Okay so 80 C on the core is fine? Just making sure! (I'm a bit worried)
  10. @MVPernula @Alaradia @DeezNoNos @ZM Fong Well, the Hyper 212 EVO isn't available here anymore . I'm left with the 212 X or the 212 LED. I'm guessing the X performs better. Am I right? (I really don't case about LEDs here)
  11. @MVPernula @Alaradia @DeezNoNos @ZM Fong Oh and what about clearance in my case? Its a MasterBox 5 !
  12. Thanks ! But I can't seem to find it on amazon, and I doubt it will be in local stores either. Besides most PC stuff is overpriced here due to import tax etc.....
  13. An overclocked MSI Armor 1060 3GB
  14. @MVPernula @Alaradia @DeezNoNos @ZM Fong Thanks guys! And just wondering, I have only 2 case fans, is that contributing to high temps? My Open air cooled GPU runs at around 75°C. under load
  15. India! Yea its summer and ambient temps are around 35°C.