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  1. If you have V-Sync off, then your frame rate will be the max your GPU can push (No limit) If you have V-Sync on, then your FPS will be capped at your monitors refresh rate ( i.e. it can never go beyond 120 in this case, but can be lower than that).
  2. That's totally fine, I can keep my 'working data' in the cloud using a free subscription I have, and the rest in my PC! So how do I get started? Currently I have 2 500GB Laptop HDDs in my PC, I thought I could buy a 1 TB HDD, move all the data from the two HDDs to the 1TB and use this as my main storage. Then I can RAID 1 the two 500GBs for archives and important data. Sounds good?
  3. Okay, what about just putting the drives in my PC and running software RAID?
  4. So I have a bunch of files comprising of archives of photos and videos, numerous Office files (Excel, Word...) and lots of other stuff that sums up to around 100GB. The previous year, all these were in OneDrive, and everything worked fine, now I'm unable to renew my subscription and spent weeks trying to fix the payment issue, but in vain. So I was wondering, why not take everything offline, And RAID 1, or backup everything? Is this a good idea? or should I still go for the cloud? Thanks!
  5. Found it! Yup you guys were right, the grounding wire behind the outlet was not secured properly! Should have thought about that before posting, but never mind. And yea I took all safety measures. Thanks guys!
  6. I always do that. Thanks
  7. Okay! So I'll open the wall outlet covering and check the ground wire as I just found out that if I plug it into a different outlet I don't have this issue.
  8. I don't when this problem started, I thing its fairly recent, but when I touch the back of my Graphics card (The metal piece that has all the video outputs) or the motherboard's rear I/O, I get an electric shock. It isn't powerful enough that it gives off sparks or something, but I can touch it for about a second, after which I involuntarily remove my hand. The case, PSU and expansion slots seem to be fine. What could be causing this? And what should I do to fix it?
  9. Before I start, I'm just 17, and its my dad's office which needs these upgrades. I don't know the in and outs of everything there, but have a pretty good idea. "XP systems and Data Security" Well that's also one of the reasons for upgrading. Its not a big issue right now, and It really doesn't matter if the person takes a photo, unless he/she has a physical copy of one of the documents (with a signature) they really can't do much harm. We do have many employees whom we can trust, its just a few who need restricted access and permissions. All the data we have is in the cloud as I mentioned, and each employee gets access to only the data that they need to work with (We're using Office 365). And we do make an offline backup from time to time (Stored off site). We're also implementing CRM stuff (Which is sooo expensive), so buying new systems for everyone isn't really a very economical solution for quite a few months. Maybe we can implement everything you said once we get bigger , but for the time being we really can't afford new PC's for all (Especially since our requirement went from 7 to 14, and CRM). So in this sorta situation what would you suggest? Should I have thin clients ? (like the one I mentioned)? Can I use existing systems as clients? Or is there something else that you would suggest? : )
  10. Right now we don't have any such server. Each employee has their own PC, (Which are damn old) and all our data is in the cloud. We don't have terabytes of data so the cloud is very economical for us. Here's what I'm looking for in the new setup- 1) Each employee should be able to run applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and use Office 365 on a web browser. 2) No employee should be able to copy any data onto a USB/CD/DVD etc..... as we work with sensitive data. Now if I buy individual systems the cost would be high as we decided to change almost all PCs now. Can we have one or maybe two servers with a powerful processor and thin clients for each employee using one of these - NComputing Thin Clients OR Can we use the existing PC's as fat clients? Since we won't be doing any intensive tasks, thin clients should be fine, I guess?
  11. No fixed budget we're flexible but don't want something that's overkill for light office use. Right now we need around 7-8 PCs running Windows 10. I'm pretty comfortable with building PCs and troubleshooting. Didn't quite catch you there
  12. Okay so individual systems would be better. Now do I buy per built ones or build?
  13. So the PC's at out office are so old that Windows 10 just doesn't run on them, since they're all XP, we recently had some ransomware attack, and no it was not WannaCry (Luckily all our data was in the cloud) So we thought that the time has come to replace them. First we thought of buying individual systems, but then I thought what if something like '7 Gamers 1 CPU' was more cost effective? The PC(s) will be used just for browsing and programs like Excel and Word. So obviously we don't need 7 powerful GPUs. Is something like this possible? And is it better than buying individual systems? Thanks!
  14. I looked up the Model number you provided, looks like its DDR3 RAM. Buy a 1x8 or 2x4 depending on the number of slots you have. Any reputed brand should be fine. And remember to buy the SODIMM form factor, not DIMM
  15. Just checked that, the standoffs are in place and secure. I'll contact my local MSI centre tomorrow, they're closed today. Thanks! and I'll keep you updated if you want.