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  1. Sebbydo

    Locke - Significant Deals

    thanks man. really appreciate it
  2. Sebbydo

    Please Help me....for the love of god....help

    I think your right with the psu theory. good luck.
  3. Sebbydo

    voltage for fx 6300?

    yeah I got mine up around the 1.45-1.5 at about 4.9 easy for agessss until I got 6600k. Don't be too scared tho, but I wouldn't go over 1.5, gl
  4. Sebbydo

    Overclocking help

    wtf dude, chill
  5. I just did the windows update(anniversary) and since then I've been getting a very noticeable delay from the mouse. I've tried re downloading csgo, rolling back to previous version of windows, new mice, new gpu drivers, combatibility mode and administrator mode. idk what do do now but plz halp
  6. Sebbydo

    csgo input lag after windows 10 update (mouse)

    I tried to find it but couldn't. I roller back to the older version of windows so would that have fixed it if that's what is was?
  7. Sebbydo

    csgo input lag after windows 10 update (mouse)

    coz im lazy. and have a lot of programs and shit where i like it, ik its not that big a deal but if theres an easier fix than ill take that.
  8. Sebbydo

    csgo input lag after windows 10 update (mouse)

    it is just in csgo, ive been playing bf and rocket league instead and their fine. also a side note when in big picture mode it has the lag there too. and did try reinstalling csgo but no success. I might do steam in a bit tho
  9. Sebbydo

    csgo input lag after windows 10 update (mouse)

    Thanks but im gonna use that as a last resort coz its a pain in the ass. Cheers anyway
  10. Sebbydo

    csgo input lag after windows 10 update (mouse)

    cheers, but everything is working fine both cpu on about 15-20% in cs and ram is in normal usage. idk whats wrong. ive got 66600k(stock) 4x4 dddr4 2100 mhz, gtx 770 2gb, asrock fatality performance h170. so it should be running fine on this
  11. On average i get around 300-350 fps in csgo in comp. After a recent windows update this has changed to 30 solid and paired with like 1-2 seconds of lag from mouse input. Iv'e tried reinstalling gpu drivers so far but that's all. My rig : 6600k (stock), 2x gtx 770 2gb. 4x4 ddr4, m.2 850 evo (250), 2tb mechanical drive, fatality h170 performance. Plz
  12. Sebbydo

    csgo 30 fps and input lag after win 10- update

    well it helped mostly its still not back to normal tho
  13. Sebbydo

    csgo 30 fps and input lag after win 10- update

    cheers, that worked
  14. Sebbydo

    csgo 30 fps and input lag after win 10- update

    Sorry I forgot to add, i can run other games fine, bf4 and rocket leaue.
  15. Sebbydo

    Frequent graphics driver crashing

    mine was doing the exact same thing (770 windforce) Thanks the the thread
  16. I was just looking in the bios of my mobo( fatality h170 performance) and saw ultra fast boot, I was curious so I enabled it so see what would happen. It wasn't good. Now when I turn on the PC I am greeted by the "press f2 for bios" and all that, but that's all. It's just stuck there forever. Plz help. 6600k, 4x4 hyper x ddr4, 2x gtx 770
  17. Sebbydo

    Did I break something?

    Thanks guys, ltt forum helping since 2009, all working now, but i dropped a screw and it disapeared
  18. Sebbydo

    Did I break something?

    because it freazes on that screen, but its all fixed now
  19. Sebbydo

    1060 or 1070? 1080p 144 htz

    hey i want a new gpu to with my rig, 6600k, 4x4 ddr4, 240mm aio loop, gtx 770m h170 fatal1ty board. I want nvidia and so a 1060 would be pretty good, but i cant put 2 together later when they start to get out dated to boost performance. or i could get 1070 and not need to upgrade for ages, but still have the abilty to put 2 in there. plz help. I will only be doing 1080p gaming but atm i have a 60 htz monitor(1080p) overclocked to 74 htz. I will be investing in a 144 htz one soonish, I play lots of csgo and bf4, and bf1 when it launches.
  20. Sebbydo


    arma 3? maby
  21. Sebbydo


    haha nice one
  22. Sebbydo