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  1. Mehmy

    Watercooling a quadro p6000

    EK's compatibility tool says p5000 works with a 1080 short top though, and I believe they use the same, or close to the same PCB as the p6000. Can't find a PCB picture of the p6000 to check though
  2. EK's MLC lineup has QDC's on both hoses I believe, at least it looks like it on the pictures
  3. Mehmy

    Leak from GPU waterblock

    EK makes good blocks. It's almost like water just erodes stuff..
  4. Mehmy

    AIO Water Cooler

    Looks correct to me
  5. Mehmy

    What brands to use?

    Haven't heard of more EK fittings leaking than any other brand..
  6. Mehmy

    Tube management advice required

    Maybe flip the rad so the ports are at the top, then go pump > rad > CPU > Gpu (Drain port here) > Res in ?
  7. Mehmy

    Need help buying a gpu

    no. 1050ti's are bad cards.
  8. Mehmy

    Which block for MSI 580?

    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Bykski-A-MS58GMX-X-Full-Cover-Graphics-Card-Water-Cooling-Block-For-MSI-RX580-Armor/32926543078.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.2.1d2610c8X58ukq&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_6_10065_10068_319_317_10696_10084_453_10083_454_10618_10304_10307_10820_10821_537_10302_536_10902_10059_10884_10887_321_322_10103,searchweb201603_16,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=1878807f-ac64-40aa-82c4-e5309aa661ae-0&algo_pvid=1878807f-ac64-40aa-82c4-e5309aa661ae Basically no uses reference PCB for the 580 from what I know, so you need a block specifically for your card, which is why there are so many and why EK doesn't bother. The above one fits an Armor 580, so should be fine I think?
  9. Mehmy

    What brands to use?

    While some brands make things better than others, there isn't really any of the main brands that straight up suck at one of them. You'll be better off buying from different brands, but a full EK, or full Alphacool loop will still perform just fine
  10. Mehmy

    What brands to use?

    EK, Alphacool, and Swiftech are all mainstream EU/US companies. If you're fine with chinese companies, Bykski is also pretty good, but shipping takes forever. If it's your first loop, you can always try buying a kit with the blocks/rads you want, and you'll be sure everything is there. You can also do what @Cyracus said and just buy full "random" stuff from Aliexpress
  11. Mehmy

    Corsair h150i Pro Help

    The 3 fan splitter is where to plug in the fans, so they don't go into the board
  12. I'll agree with Neftex. Seems oddly CPU-heavy for a gaming rig. I'd recommend dropping to a 9600k and 16gb of RAM if you plan on sticking with a 1070ti (can even upgrade the GPU at that point). That is, unless you're trying to play games at 720p 500 FPS, then you probably need the 9900k to handle the load, but.. Why would you do that?
  13. Mehmy

    Is Bykski good?

    Yeah, they have a huge selection of blocks. It's actually quite interesting just how many different ones they have, considering the time and money it must take to get a new one R&D'd
  14. If you don't have the pads needed, then don't put a pad on. EK says you need a pad 0.5mm thicker than on the VRM on those caps(?), so if you don't have those, then don't put a pad on them
  15. Apparently not listing a budget means you have an unlimited one