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  1. I'm sure you'll enjoy this. This game is like nothing you've played before.
  2. "Raji" is the name of the game and "The Ancient Epic" is the tagline- if you're confused/concerned.
  3. Raji- An Ancient Epic is an RPG with a very different art style to anythng you'd have seen before. They plan to release it on 15th October for PC on Steam (there's a demo which you can download and play for free). They've already released it on Nintendo (linked below) and if you have a switch, I think you should take a look. They also released the gameplay of the first 7 minutes. I played the Alpha version of this game two years ago and I'm really excited to play this whien it will come out on Steam. Nintendo Store link: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/raji-an-ancient-epic-switch/ Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/730390/Raji_An_Ancient_Epic/ 7-minute gameplay:
  4. Starward Industries- Ex devs from franchises like TW3 and CP2077 went on to create a studio and are ready with the first look of their game. The Invincible is a single-player sci-fi game that will be released in late 2021. Their website: https://www.starwardindustries.com/ Source: embedded tweet
  5. Do you like 21:9 aspect ratio better than 16:9? Try it out, there's your answer. If I had money, I'd stick with 21:9 for story games and 16:9 for FPS.
  6. The top ones can support max speed of 2933MHz. No point buying RAM any higher than that. Also, the i5 can absolutely handle the 3070. Watch this video if you have more doubts:
  7. Here's their official website: https://www.lucidmotors.com/air/dream-edition
  8. Yes. It's a f/1.0 lens. Consider that as well.
  9. Priced at $1499, this lens is not for everyone. But according to Moment, this is the "The sharpest, creamiest film-like lens they've ever tested". This isn't the highest price you could pay for a lens (Nikon's 58 mm F/0.95 Noct costs $8K). But for a APSC mirrorless camera setup, this just might be one of the best things to buy, if you're into it. As a Fuji enthusiast who looks forward to buy one, hopefully, this makes me real excited for it. What are your thoughts? https://www.shopmoment.com/reviews/fuji-xf50mmf1-0-lens-review https://youtu.be/X-4ezPekDro
  10. Lucid is a Luxury brand unlike Tesla. So luxury wise, yes, 80K seems "reasonable". Also, all these are just claims. We'll have to wait for MKBHD's review of one of these to see how they fare!
  11. It is still mostly speculation and estimates. We'll wait for it to come out in the market and see how accurate these numbers are. I'll be waiting for MKBHD to go like "So I've been using this for the past couple months".
  12. Summary EV startup Lucid announces their range of electric cars. They also claim to have the fastest charging speed, up to 20 miles per minute. In real world, this could mean 300 miles of range in 20 minutes of charging. They claim that it can go from 0 to 100 in under 3 seconds AND can do a quarter mile in 9.9 seconds- THE FASTEST of any electric cars. Other features of this car are anything but astounding. A 34" 5K centre console, retractable central Pilot Panel, machine milled physical buttons complimenting the digital display, built in Amazon Alexa. The headlamps have a Micro Lens Array system comprised of literally thousands of “light channels." Developed entirely in-house, this technology provides the brightest, most precise and advanced lighting system ever. Digital steering of light direction is possible by digitally switching light channels in different directions, revolutionising visibility and enhancing safety. Pricing wise, this will start at $80K and the top end model could go upwards of $169K. Yikesssss My thoughts Real competition for Tesla? Competition is in the end good for the customer! But then I realised that Lucid doesn't cater to the same market as Tesla does. The real competition between these two companies will be between the charging speed and range. Sources https://auto.hindustantimes.com/auto/cars/lucid-motors-unveils-fastest-charging-ev-air-sedan-with-range-of-832-kms/amp-41599704866336.html
  13. I think you should wait and save enough money to build a new PC. Wattage-wise your PSU might be good enough but it is still 4+ years old, I assume. So not the most reliable thing in your PC. Just wait a little bit longer to get new processors or go with a Ryzen 5 3500 with B550 MoBo temporarily.
  14. All components have operating shelf lives. If your PSU is old, get a new one. Don't put your entire system in jeopardy for saving a few hundred bucks.
  15. CD Projekt Red leading the way, showing other game devs how to market art. Literally every other developer is ready to add another $10 to their price tag for release in PS5 and XboX Latest gen. So, who's ordering Cyberpunk? Also, who's excited for RTX in Cyberpunk? Source: https://www.thefpsreview.com/2020/09/05/cd-projekt-red-rejects-69-99-pricing-for-next-gen-versions-of-cyberpunk-2077/
  16. Watch JayZTwoCents' video. I think he explains it better than I can and it's worth your time since you're worrying about it.
  17. The makers of Witcher 3 announced on twitter that they will be releasing an "Enhanced version" of the game so that it can run on the latest hardware- making full use of it. It also regularly goes on sale on Steam, so look out for it! Source: https://twitter.com/witchergame/status/1301826520311369728
  18. If losing your warranty and gaining maybe 5% more performance is worth it, you can go ahead. But 9th Gen and forward, it isn't worth it since the IHS is soldered. Still, go ahead, try it. Use Der8aur's kit, follow the instructions and you may lose a couple of degrees.
  19. A majority of the users are not going to overclock as much as you did. So on a stock-to-stock comparison, this seems perfectly normal. Suffice to say, if you'd overclock a 3080 sufficiently, you could see even higher gap between the two.
  20. Putting up listing is differernt than shipping. Asus has also launched their custom cards, except no one knows the prices here and the shipping date is after the FE cards come to the market i.e. Sep end and Oct beginning.
  21. 1070 and 2070/S also had 8 gigs to begin with. You're in 2020, don't worry about "bottlenecks". This is more than enough for gaming at 1080p and 1440p.