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  1. The answer depends on whether you want free anti-virus or willing to pay, one of the best places to check for something like this would be av-test and/or av-compatrives. The short answer: For free: Panda Free + MBAM Payed: F-Secure Internet Security 2015 + MBAM I personally use Kaspersky Internet Security, largely because I get it free from my bank. Remember that although an anti-virus, common sense and MalwareBytes will deal with the majority of threats it is always worth using other tools e.g. anti-spyware.
  2. Your projector goes over your windows !? That's almost genius.
  3. Kimera

    Set up your computer to use specific DNS's how-to

    Very interesting, personally I use OpenDNS' DNSCrypt so there isn't much point me swapping without sacrificing the encryption. Great tool though.
  4. Kimera

    I don't understand anime?

    Ok, thats fine but did you mention this because you're interested in finding more stuff you like? What do you think it is about Eureka 7 that you liked but aren't getting from other anime you've tried?