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  1. HI all I have been using a acer nitro 5. I don't know exactly what model it is but specs are: i5 8th gen, 8gb ddr4 ram, 1tb hdd, and a gtx 1050 4gb. I bought this September of 2018. and around November, fan would make a noise like buzzing or grinding against something. But since I was in college, I had to keep on using it and I got it fixed by acer around June of 2019. I don't even game on this, all I do is just homework using google chrome(Web Assign, Pearson) and the fan is making same noise again. Do you guys have an idea of why fans are making grinding or buzzing noise? I feel like I should get it repaired again before warranty ends and sell it or hopefully acer can do something about it. Thanks
  2. quick question, do you know if they offer warranty with that? The main reason for me looking for new car was that due to warranty. I don't know why but all my friends who bought cars that aren't like Toyota and Honda seemed to have problems so I was looking for new.
  3. The thing is, I have been working before as well, so I have 20k saved up at the moment, and I'm going college for free, just paying for gas to get there. So I thought I could buy a fun car.
  4. Can someone help me out? I got a part time job while attending college. I make about $500 dollars a week and I would love to drive either 2019 mustang or 2019 camaro. But thing is, I don't want to drive those v8 due to gas and insurance, and I sadly can't drive manual and I just want fun daily with some power. So I was looking at both cars and I came to conclusion that I should either get camaro 1lt 2L turbo with RS package or mustang ecoboost with performance package. And I can't decided which one to get since I love both of those cars. Which one should I get? or should I get it with different engine size or trim level?
  5. Does anyone know if I trade in a car for a new car, delar will not discount as much as buying without a trade? Also, how much should i pay for 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe SEL FWD 2.4L
  6. So I have been spending a lot of times at dealrship looking at cars that my dad wants to buy. And we are going to trade in 2011 camry le which was offered $6000 at carmax. I live in suburb of chicago and cook county. So there is two car that we are thinking of buying and got the price offer as well. First car is Hyundai Santa Fe SEL FWD 2019. Its hard to tell the actual price of the car but the total price after inculding taxes, fees, and value of trade in car, the total pirce came to $19,600. It still inclues luxcare whatever they call it. Second car is Kia Sorrento LX FWD 2019. This car is also hard to tell the actual price of the car but the total price came down to $20,500 without luxcare thing. We are still deciding which one to buy but do you guys think is this a good deal or go down little more on the price? I live in suburb of chicago, and the county is cook county.
  7. DC

    Car 'expert'?

    Does anyone know if I can change the steering wheel of the car to make it more stiff? I'm used to driving a stiff steering wheel car - mechanics said it is sporty steering wheel which feels 'stiff' And I'm buying a car for college from someone I know but the steering wheel feels so light(?) and turns so easily without any effort. Is there anyway I can make it stiffer or is it possible to change out the steering wheel? The car is 2011 camry
  8. I have acer nitro 5 with i5 and gtx 1050 4gb. At first, it came with 1tb hdd, but I switched to Samsung ssd. And it originally had nitro sense program where I could kind of control the speed of my laptop fan because it was making buzzing noise at lower rpm(2000) but not making buzzing noise at higher rpm(5000). But when I installed my ssd, I tired to download nitro sense program but I was not able to find them. Is there a way for me to download some program or do something in windows program to control my laptop fan speed? I was hoping that I can make fan not run until some degrees because i mainly use my laptop for college and buzzing noise is bothering the crap out of me.
  9. DC

    Laptop fan trouble

    that is the temp im getting with buzzing fan, it buzz around like 2k to 2.5k rpm and it if goes up, it does not buzz
  10. DC

    Laptop fan trouble

    temps looks fine to me, just like for school use, browsing internet or using docs, temp is around 40 to 45C When I game, it is around 70 C so I don't think fan is bad
  11. I took my acer nitro 5 laptop to reapir shot due to fan's buzzing noise. They told me that bearing is worn off. But thing is, buzzing noise only occurs when its on lower rpm. When I game, I do not hear buzzing noise. Is it dust blocking a fan or any idea?
  12. I bought my acer nitro 5 laptop from Best Buy little less than 3 months ago. I have been using it for college and some csgo and rainbow six siege. And fan started to make buzzing noise so I took it to the computer repair center to ask them about what is wrong with my laptop. And they told me either fan or fan bearing(?) is failing and it will die anytime. I have been told to either go get it exchanged from where I bought it from or send it to the acer repair shop to get it fixed. I did talk to the acer customer center and they said they will fix it for free and I only have to pay for shipping. The problem is that since I am in college, I need my laptop basically for every class to do work or study and acer customer center said it would take about 2 weeks for me to send the laptop, get it fixed, and get it back. I can't not wait that long. Do you guys think Best Buy will exchange this laptop? I hope they do but it almost has been 3 months...
  13. temp stays around 40 to 45 C in browsing internet and stuff. But no matter what temp, fan sounds like its scratching against something or missing a screw so its not in a place
  14. I have acer nitro 5 with i5 8500u and gtx 1050 4gb, recently, my laptop got really loud. Like you would not expect this much of a noise from a laptop. I switched from hdd to ssd and noise went down a little. But recently, as the fan start to spin, it makes so much of a noise i am thinking that my fan might even be broken, at idle for school use, it runs around 2200rpm and it sounds like an airplane. Is that anything I can do about it? I can't send it to the service center because all my classes require laptop