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  1. I have a HD530 so I think I might need a GPU.
  2. if OP just wants Ubuntu than great. But I doubt he will want to and will want to share files eventually anyway. LVM does work very well if you are only using Linux, but I usually just stick to solid partition for peace of mind.
  3. LVM gets real nasty quick for me win7. not sure about win10, but 7 refused to see it and even offered me the format it nearly every boot up for me.
  4. Second drive for storage and server OFC. and other things you can share such as music or films.
  5. dame, thats some old drives. if I were you I would half the first drive into 50+50 Ubuntu and Windows. Then format the second dirve as NTFS (not ext4) then mount it in both OSs. With UEFI you can switch to each one faster. So do that if your motherboard can handle it.
  6. how many drives you got? it's just simply "mount /dev/sdX (folder)" then update it in the fstab.
  7. windows will be easier to do. Ubuntu will allow better future usage. If you have separate drives then install what even you want. Or even just partition your drives to have different OS and storage sections. This will allow for better future compatibility if you want to switch OS.
  8. The motherboards that sport a x99 here in the UK cost at least £160 for even the lowest end boards. Plus the 5820k is £120 more than the 6600k. Costing about £200+++ more if he just went with a 6600k and z170? Would this be worth the long term pricing? even with USB type C now coming out. And the cheapest board with that is £250+.
  9. My friend is about to build a new 6600k rig that he wants to last a few years. He is planning to get the 6600k now and then a 7700k or what ever the last supported i7 for socket 1151 will be. Jumping from the decent to the best. But he wants to know if it'll be better getting a midrange board now Z170, and then upgrade when he gets the i7. Or get a high end board now and keep it for the i7. The boards he are thinking of are ASUS Z170-A and ASUS Z170-Deluxe Or should he get a high mid range board like ROG 8 Ranger?
  10. I found a 6600 non k for the same price as a 4690k. I will be over clocking it. Any more help?
  11. I'm about to buy a used 4690k for £145, I can get a brand new one for £180. The seller has had it for about a year now and can OC it to 4.4 at 1.25V. But after a few talks he hits nearly 90C under prime and games at 70-80C in CPU heavy games like GTA and Star Citizen. Is it worth it for a new chip for £35? Or should I stick with this seller? If I stick with this I get a half decent OC chip and save some money. Or should I buy it new, risk a worse chip, but have longer warranty from Intel (I know you lose it if you OC, but Intel doesn't know that)? Anyone got opinions on this? EDIT, after looking around I can get a new 6600 non k for the same price. Which one should I get now?
  12. it's a plus for me, black and red is more my thing.
  13. How fast was the post and boot times? And was OC easy?