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    Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
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    Killing, Slaching and mocking Francis


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  1. Good news: I can import a 2019 zr1 with a shooting brake kit. Bad news: importing it to Australia would be expensive...
  2. Speaking of wagons... https://www.callawaycars.com/homepage/cars/callaway-corvette/callaway-aerowagen-package/ Wonder if i could import one?
  3. Well Saabs arent my cup of tea... Throw some Nissan parts at it and i might be able to help
  4. oh and by the way, the rb26 is now in the hako, it is running but not driveable at this moment. and im thinking of painting it a different color than the white its in now, im thinking either silver or deep metallic red.
  5. *Jaw drops* Edit: i just realized we wrote our locations in the oposite order
  6. Wow, is that your car? Damn! I had a kp61 for my first car, Great fun to drive! (Saw some pictures when you had put the plates back on, looks sweet!) Ps: loving that 4age swap!
  7. Yeah, this one cost me around 130k Australian dollars (with shipping and import fees)
  8. Yeah @iDeFecZx here are some pics from when i went to pick it up in Japan: (Sorry for those White borders, i had the intention of getting the photos printed in a polaroid style and make a picture diary from stock to "rock" but i havent done anything to it yet so that plan is on hold and as you can see it isnt 100% stock but it is still in really good condition)
  9. Havent started the hako yet, i currently just daily it as is and it is a soul-full little thing! Also yeah sorry for my lack of activity, i have had my hands full of other things. (Mainly work, have been doing some planning and preparing for the hako project too but it hasnt been as prioritized as i was hoping, i thought i would have time to get a good start on the project this summer but i had quite a bit of other more important things to deal with)