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  1. @moludeNo,I just wanted to know!
  2. @molude Yes i guess mine should run better due to the fact that i am using a 750Ti, so yeah i guess it should work out ! Thanks a lot for your help! Though can u tell me what all to keep in my mind when i am planning to buy a gaming processor to play multiplayer games! Thanks in advance
  3. @molude well yes things are real expensive here u know!
  4. @molude Do you think this build is worth all the money i am putting , ie. if i am making perfect use of my money?
  5. @molude Yeah thats why i opted for more SYSTEM R.A.M. , but in the past i was told it lacks in computing performance but i guess if i am using it in HTPC build , it should be fine!
  6. Its super worth it! Just a real perfect build ! though i would recommend to get an ASUS ROG STRIX GEFORCE 1080
  7. @molude I mainly aim at playing FIFA 16 and some multiplayer games. Is the processor perfect?
  8. @molude Oh! But getting a used graphic card where i live is too damn tough or nearly impossible!
  9. I live in the middle east so stating the budget wont help ! Though its roughly around 400 dollars! @radical guild
  10. @21rkosta by that u mean to get a used 750ti?
  11. Daymn thats a dream build! Perfectly up for 4k gaming ! Can u please send a post a photo of your build once u do it! thanks!
  12. Hello all, I selected the below processor and graphic card accompanied with 8gb ram to make up my first HTPC which ill be using to game a little( basically more of multiplayer games such as FIFA 16): AMD A10 7870K NVIDIA GEFORCE 750 Ti 1 GB Please say if the above are suitable for the purposes mentioned above! Thanks in advance!
  13. If you wish it to be more of a hardcore gaming pc, then i recommend the second build, if not then i recommend the first build and yes u should wait for RX 480 then have a real good pc! I really like your choices!
  14. See the motherboard you are using is a Micro ATX motherboard (it is a size standard), whereas the case you are using can have Motherboard upto the size of ATX , so ll the parts will fit in it perfectly! (micro ATX<ATX) check the video down for more info ch
  15. i guess its better you go for an Intel i5-6500, though 6600k is good but only when u overclocking it!! And yea all of the parts uu using will fit perfectly well! As ur case can accomodate upto an ATX size motherboard whereas ur motherrboard is a microATX one
  16. Hey if u r not planning to overclock then do not go for an unlocked processor, it will just be a waste of money!
  17. @Or Aviram Well it might be for you and some ! Not for me though! I would personally like not buy an unlocked or an extreme edition processor without having any past build or oc experience! Hope you get it! Peace
  18. @Or Aviram As u say, though i am still would like to defend my point, being a pc enthusiast i like to be good with the basics first and then the more interesting part! PEACE!
  19. @Or Aviram Acording to me it will be a poor choice, because the country i come from, unlocked processors are not something of a joke that an not much experiened one would opt for! Lets take this is a maths class u cannot buy the textbook based on differentiation of trignometric functions untill u havvent bought and learnt what all is there in the basic trignometric functions group! @DragonSlayer2480 Its all on u bro,i just gave a suggestion! Though the build is solid and including a ssd would be really cool! And yea i would recommend getting asus z170-pro as your motherrboard, it has got some good reviews! Hope it helps
  20. by no means i meant that they shouldnt overclock, in fact they should its the best medium to learn but first start it from the grassroot level @Or Aviram
  21. Mine was just a suggestion it depends on u to have it on or not! I dont mean than new builders shouldnt use new gen parts, But if u r someone who wants to know about stuff he/she should first learn through experimentattion and not by buying something that is already top of the line! hope u get it ! Thanks
  22. @Or Aviram yo, i hope you realize that the parts he is using arrent a mere joke a 6600k PROCESSOR not something that one should use jus for automatic already set overclocking standards. it should be utilizedd to its full potential
  23. THEN WHAT I RECOMMEND IS NOT TO GO FORWARD WITH THIS BUILD ! Cause i am telling u it will turn out to be a just waste of your hard earned money! You are using a z170 MOTHERBOARD and a 6600"K" processor , that is like one should get when he is experienced enough in pc building. Overclocking with such processors requires some previous knowledge and a great amount of experience as the real fruit of overclocking comes with manual overclocking of such processors. So i recommend you to go for a simple build this time with second hand parts and build a cheap pc, that will help u learn a lot! I might seem like an asshole to u but i am doing my share as a kind person who doesnt want you end up wasting ur money!
  24. Hey, As you told it is your first pc build so i wanted to know, have u ever overclocked anyones system? or done any pc build for someone in the past? I know i sound like an asshole here but i am trying to just help you here! Please do reply
  25. never heard of using ssd as fast ram though! though we your question is interesting and ill follow it on o learn more. Sorry for wasting ur time!