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  1. 1 minute ago, a2242364 said:

    crap. well it's definitely not a phone line. there's some long white wire that goes into my wall and connects to the modem, and then to the router. sorry, probably not helpful :/.

    true lol. idk what routers go for these days, under 100?

    Having a 'packet loss' as you are saying is really strange like even the shittiest routers i have ever had havent had this issue! Though try resetting your router or if the thing is upgradable , then upgrade its firmware! 

  2. 8 minutes ago, a2242364 said:

    Whenever I connect directly to my modem via ethernet, the rest of my house has no more wifi. I'm not tech savvy, so what is happening here? Can it only be one or the other? Is there a way to make it work? Wifi gives me a lot of packet loss, so I want to connect directly to modem while still allowing other devices to work around the house.

    Wait is the Modem provided by the ISP or is it one of those MODEM+Router Thingy you bought yourself!

  3. if would recommend you to change your mind on the GPU side, if 1080p is the choice, if you arent up for overclocking go for 6600 with B150 motherboard becuase once u get a 'k' cpu, You my friend are sure getting into overclocking which might lead to bad stuff sometimes though it will make u learn or gain a lot of knowledge but as you said time is an issue,6600 is the choice, though if asked my opinion if 50-60fps at 1080 p is the choice 6100 with RX 480 or 1050ti is the best combo, i mean it will be really cheap cause ur current cpu and gpu preferences are something around for 1440p gaming!

  4. On 9/16/2016 at 0:24 AM, Mikensan said:

    So part of your battle is if you configured everything correctly. First log in to your FTP server, open up command prompt and type:

    netstat -an | find ":21"


    This will show you if there's anything listening on 21. You should see a few entries ranging from / / wergwethweth:21 (ipv6).

    If this looks good, then move on to configuring your router.

    Since I don't know the make/model of your router, the idea is to configure either a firewall rule + NAT, or if it simply has "port forwarding" then you need to configure that. If you believe you've configured it properly, then go to this site:



    Click Proceed, in the dead center is a white space - enter 21 and click "user specified port.." - you want to see red / failed. If you do see red/failed that is good news, nothing else required and you just need to configure the FTP server properly if it's not accepting connections.


    I've never used IIS as a FTP server, I've always used filezilla. Very very easy to setup. My only nightmare is PASV ports... shivers.

    Hey bad news showed up pass , i guess my ISP has just blocked port 21 even though they provided the funcionallity of port forwarding in the router!

  5. @crashahotrod and @Mikensan Thanks a lot guys! a really ! i actually have exams my exams coming up and i am busy with their preparations though still i am putting all my free time into the methods u all have told me and will continue to tell or share with you with the steps you all have told me to follow, though if i post late, please do reply i really want to know more . THANKS AGAIN!

  6. 8 minutes ago, crashahotrod said:

    You may also need to open it in your windows firewall in addition to your router.

    ohk! but the thing is i did as mentioned on windows site but there was no servie type folder and on clicking on the existing registories the input type wasnt the one mentioned. (There was just one folder order in Folder Service provider)

  7. 3 minutes ago, crashahotrod said:

    Your vpn provider would also have to give you a dedicated IP now that i'm thinking about it. I't my be easier to change your ftp server port to something else and forward it. ISPs frequently block common ports 80, 8080, 443, 8443, 21, 22, 23 etc. for "security" reasons. I would change your server's port.

    Ohk so i made my ftp server using IIS, how can i change my servers port. Sorry i m very new to this!

  8. 2 minutes ago, crashahotrod said:

    Port forwarding shouldn't be necessary or helpful. Check if your vpn provider supports ports other than 80.

    Hey so does this mean if my vpn provider supports port forwarding then ill be access my ftp serrver outside the network meaning no depending on the ISP?(by the way the routerr is provided to us by the ISP itself even though it has the option of port frwarding it doesnt seem to work so i guess they probably have blocked it)

  9. Hey all,

    I just had this wild thought sorry if it sounds really silly but i was thinking if i could use a vpn to change my ip address and then  port forward port 21 from the routers page, would that then help me access my ftp server from outside network using the changed ip address. P.S.: My routers page does provide a port forwarding option but doesnt seam to work as i am not able to access my ftp server from outside the network.

  10. 32 minutes ago, Sevilla said:

    So one thing you can test is connect directly to your modem to your PC. This completely takes the router out of the equation. If you can connect through port 20/21, then your router still is blocking it. If you cannot then you should call your ISP and find out if they block out that port.

    ohk so the device prvided by th ISP  is actually both a modem and a router, so should i connect it directly to my PC using the ethernet cable though even i suspect tht the ISP is blocking the port 21 even though they have provided the facility to enable it!

  11. 10 hours ago, Sevilla said:

    Test your ports here:




    Check what ports are blocked and then make sure your router is configured properly. 


    Things that could block ports are:


    A. Windows Firewall - Check

    B. Router's Firewall

    C. Antivirus

    D. ISP port blocking -- some ISPs block ports on purpose.

    Well i checked all of them and the result was that all of them were closed :(

  12. 2 hours ago, Sevilla said:

    Test your ports here:




    Check what ports are blocked and then make sure your router is configured properly. 


    Things that could block ports are:


    A. Windows Firewall - Check

    B. Router's Firewall

    C. Antivirus

    D. ISP port blocking -- some ISPs block ports on purpose.

    OK so I have disabled both the antivirus and the windows firewall, the router is provided by the ISP itself and the routers firmware is all the ISP Branding and design and as mentioned above has option for FTP on port forwarding page. Please help up 

  13. 1 hour ago, BabyPandaaa said:



    Do your external IP and use port 21.


    If you get 'I could not see your service...', double check the following:


    • Local Server
      • IIS Console -> Select your server -> Scroll down the features until you see 'FTP Firewall Support'. Double click it
        • Enter the range of ports you want to accept from the firewall (use something like 49152-65535)
        • Leave the External IP of Firewall blank
      • IIS Console -> Select your FTP Site -> Double click 'FTP Firewall Support'
        • Enter your external IP in there and save
      • Windows Firewall
        • Ensure that on the Private and Public profiles, you have enabled port 21
    • Router
      • Ensure you are forwarding port 21 to the correct IP of your server (FTP non-SSL)



    Another thing to try if you've got all of the above is the following command:

    telnet yourExternalIP 21


    If you receive a connection successful message then the FTP server is set correctly, so could be your FTP client.


    If that doesn't work, try connecting with FileZilla and then post the console output when you try to connect (the bit under the address/username/password fields)

    hey if i have to enter my ext. ip address then it shows the message could not connect to the server and connection timeout

  14. PCPartPicker part list: http://pcpartpicker.com/list/qshf9W
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    @Slick Please check it plssss

  15. 22 minutes ago, ddswh1pk0s said:

    On the router try forwarding an unused 4 digit port. I use 1025 but yours can be different. When you are accessing your server you should type ftp://[external ip address]:1025

    It still isnt working! :(