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    Maple Ridge BC
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    Cars, Computers, Video Games,
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    Diagnostic Tech/Shop Supervisor


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    Asus Z170
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    32GB HyperX Fury
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    GTX 980
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    Fractal R5
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    HyperX Fury SSD, WD HDD
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    Corsair 750
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    HP 34" 3440x1440 25" 1920x1080
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    Corsair Water

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  1. Steve.604

    Has PIA gotten worse in 2019?

    PIA is way worse than it used to be for me, Also the update to the Chrome extension has made it completely unusable, I have to disable the extension instead of just clicking on and off to use soo many sites.
  2. Steve.604

    4 core "gaming router"

    I went to ubiquiti's site. They talked about the number of cores they had in their "gateway" Do cores matter? I'm looking for a new router, I see a lot of core talk. I want to run multiple HD feeds, and have HD IP security cameras, will I benefit at all from a 4 core vs 2 core router?
  3. Steve.604


    I would try a different HDMI cable to start, I changed TVs went from working perfectly to intermittently cutting out. Changed HDMI cable all good after that.
  4. Steve.604

    4 core "gaming router"

    What is the benefit of these routers if any? Will it help with multiple High Def. streams or is it all marketing hype?
  5. Steve.604

    Is my router dying?

    Wireless devices with AC connect on AC, I'm leaning towards the internet connection not being my problem based on the similar internal Network problems. Most anything that doesn't move with an Ethernet port is on a wired connection. And I have problems with Netflix etc on wired devices. My internet can support 2 4k streams as well. I also stream 4k internally and have similar issues. With the Plex server and my Nvidia shield both on wired connections. My understanding is more cores will allow for more processes to be completed at once? From what I've read people say it's not worth it or needed for basic routing. Cores on a router have more to do with QoS type things (which I have disabled in an attempt to eliminate as an issue) but I don't know. The internet is full of conflicting information. Basically I'm wondering is it possible to overload a router? Is it possible I've just reached the upper limit of what my router can handle and that's why I'm having problems? Or has it just failed and started glitching? Does my application justify an expensive 4 core router. Or is that just marketing hype and any basic router with AC will do the same thing. Not looking to spend a lot of money if I don't have to. I've even considered just using my router as an access point and using my ISP supplied router to control my internet.
  6. Steve.604

    Is my router dying?

    Past few weeks I've been having consistent drops on my internet connection and wired network devices Youtube, Netflix and Amazon video will randomly stop, pause or drop in quality. This is consistent in any streamed content. If I cast my Laptop screen via Chrome Cast it will drop connection or resolution. Any one of 4 security cameras will drop connection fairly randomly, and after they drop they just constantly connect and reconnect until I reset the network and the camera. These things seem to happen on wired and wireless connections I have a netgear nighthawk r7000 router, it seems to run very hot. I have 1 other wired switch in my network I've swapped out with no change. If it is my router is it worth getting a higher end router? I have 4 HD IP security camera, running on 3 feeds around my house. 5 PC's, including a Plex server I allow a couple friends to stream from, as well I potentially have 2 4k netflix streams at any given time. Plus all the random game consoles, phones tablets, smart home devices in a very techy house hold. Is this a lot of load for a router, really not sure have the work, but have seen 4 core routers and dual core routers, are the 4 core worth the money? Thanks for any advice
  7. Steve.604

    Headphone advise needed

    Not a brand I had considered, not sure wireless was a direction I was heading, due to the extra weight, Looks to be a high quality versatile option, I like the slick boom mic as well, vs other options I've seen to add a mic to headphones. The more research I do the more I've been leaning towards 2 cheaper sets, A10's with m60 mix amp for Xbox and HyperX cloud Alpha's for PC. But I'm really like to look and versatility of those v-moda's, Not sure if you made my decision easy or harder, lol but I like the alternative option, Thanks
  8. Steve.604

    Headphone advise needed

    I have a bit of a 1 off situation I'm having a hard time finding the answers I want on I'm looking to invest in a set of headphones to use on my PC and Xbox for gaming Currently I'm using ear buds that came with a phone at some point on my PC and I have a klipsh/onkyo 5.1.2 surround sound setup in the room my Xbox is in. For PC, I want a headset mostly for audio, buying a mic wouldn't be a big deal. Xbox, my situation is different, I have no issues with my surround sound setup, until I want to chat. When using my chat head set it covers my right ear limiting what I can hear on that side. Currently PUBG is life so hearing where audio is coming from is very important. I would prefer a headset with a mic for Xbox, but I don't want to loose the sound placement I get with my surround sound. I find the audio experience very poor when using my ear buds with the Xbox, powered from the xbox controller. I do like to mute my mic on the xbox controller like I currently do, it's quick and easy, nobody wants to be the guy who coughs into the mic. I've considered 2 sets, if I can use the PC headphones on my phone out of the house for listening to music. I would prefer to spend in the $100 range, but if it's truly a great multi purpose experience spending north of $500 isn't an issue. Focusing on Xbox, I like the idea of the A40's mainly cause of control option on the controller, but I'm worried about sound quality. For PC I'm leaning towards the HyperX Cloud Alphas, simply cause of the reviews and I like a good bang for your buck option. Any help would be appreciated
  9. Steve.604

    USB Type C to Micro B, need help

    Not those exact ones, both are fairly similar to what I have minus the cable, Should have mentioned, when I hook to my PC the adapters work fine, PC can see the phone, transfer files etc. Its only when the cameras are hooked to it I get nothing. I think it's because of the OTG, I know it's different but not sure how.
  10. Just picked up a Pixel XL, absolutely love the phone but I'm having a problem. I'm a mechanic and have a couple of cameras I plug into my phone, a borescope and a thermal camera that both attach via Micro b usb, I've bought 2 different adapters from Micro B to type C, both claimed to transfer data and charge, the Pixel won't pick up the cameras when using the adapters I've seen some OTG hubs for type C with micro USB ports but looks like they are mostly for charging not data transfer. I'm currently pulling a Kevin Gates and rocking 2 phones, I would like to sell my old phone, pair it down to 1 Already tried a 5 or 6 year old Samsung Galaxy (wow we've come a long way), no OTG capabilities, won't pick up the cameras either. Can anyone recommend something they know works? Can I get some kind of dongle, or is my best bet to pick up a cheap tablet or phone to leave at work?
  11. Steve.604

    good android box for kodi

    I've had just about all the off shore ones, Pi, Nexus player etc. Nvidia Shield TV is my preference. Most power, runs kodi as good as PC Short supply these days,
  12. Steve.604

    Synergy (Software)

    Been using this awhile too, great until it doesn't work, then nothing works. Also to this day I can't get it to drop the client PC out of screen saver. I mostly use it for security cams anyway so its not a big deal to disable the screen saver, I like that I can see the cams all the time.
  13. Steve.604


    I disagree, PS4 gets hot and also sounds like a jet under load, Xbox is pretty much always quite
  14. Steve.604

    Xbox One leeching bandwidth??

    Mine doesn't do that, have you tried a hard reset? Are you streaming games to a PC, that uses a ton of internal bandwidth. 200mb/hour is a lot, I'd smash through my data cap if I have something pulling that on top of my regular use.
  15. Steve.604

    Why do people say xBox is better when PS4 is?

    Except the tiny ps4 sounds like a jet, it's 10db louder than the xbox one under full load. I prefer the external drive as I can take it on the go. Plus not limited to a small 2.5" drive that is a PITA to change.You are also limited to a single hard drive. So while your opinion may be valid to you, others may not agree.