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  1. I already have a 21:9 monitor so I'm aware of the limits for border-less windowed etc. I do prefer to play competitive shooters in 16:9, just so the mini map and kill feed etc are tighter in, so black bars are nothing new to me. I'm looking at this 49" 32:9 https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/monitors/gaming/49-crg9-dual-qhd-curved-qled-gaming-monitor-lc49rg90ssnxza/ Black bars to 16:9 on that would upset me, but looks like I can do picture by picture. Will that effect freesync, hdr etc, if I used the 2 inputs, 1 side for gaming and 1 side as discord
  2. that is probably the best price to performance option I can employ lol
  3. That board is sexy AF, I might be in love lol
  4. It seems AMD is the way to go, regardless, 3900x as the core king and 3700x as the cheaper 9900k equivalent I wouldn't say I'm an intel lover but always been intel and hard to make the change haha, I'm looking at the Strix x570-e, MSI ACE would be my preferred choice but that yellow on the board, can't do it. I love the look of the Gigabyte Designare but no x570. Any thoughts on the mobo in the price point of those 3 boards should I spend more or is that overkill already? Looking to OC and potentially custom water cool, big AIO at the very least ed
  5. I think mobo is what making this hard for me, if it was like for like, dollar for dollar, 3900x no question, as it stands I don't know if I will see the benefit from the extra 4 cores on my day to day, that's whats killing me most right now, and its the emulators causing the load wish I could load up a 9900k as see how it ran with my setup I failed with my current build on the mobo because I didn't understand the value maybe wait to see next gen intel is the answer, but you can't always wait for the latest and greatest, if it dropped this year, sure, june 2020
  6. I've googled for days trying to answer my questions and I need some help. Current build: 6700k 4.6 GHZ OC AIO cooled GTX 980 32GB ram 3440x1440 60hz main monitor I think I'm running into a CPU bottleneck I have 2 use cases, My main use case, I let my ADD run wild haha, I run a couple of android emulators, 3 screens and multi task like crazy, no rending or anything like that, but lots of tabs, multimedia, random programs, remote in to plex server, camera server etc. I get to the point where my mouse with start freaking out cause the CPU i
  7. PIA is way worse than it used to be for me, Also the update to the Chrome extension has made it completely unusable, I have to disable the extension instead of just clicking on and off to use soo many sites.
  8. I went to ubiquiti's site. They talked about the number of cores they had in their "gateway" Do cores matter? I'm looking for a new router, I see a lot of core talk. I want to run multiple HD feeds, and have HD IP security cameras, will I benefit at all from a 4 core vs 2 core router?
  9. Steve.604


    I would try a different HDMI cable to start, I changed TVs went from working perfectly to intermittently cutting out. Changed HDMI cable all good after that.
  10. What is the benefit of these routers if any? Will it help with multiple High Def. streams or is it all marketing hype?
  11. Wireless devices with AC connect on AC, I'm leaning towards the internet connection not being my problem based on the similar internal Network problems. Most anything that doesn't move with an Ethernet port is on a wired connection. And I have problems with Netflix etc on wired devices. My internet can support 2 4k streams as well. I also stream 4k internally and have similar issues. With the Plex server and my Nvidia shield both on wired connections. My understanding is more cores will allow for more processes to be completed at once? From what I've re
  12. Past few weeks I've been having consistent drops on my internet connection and wired network devices Youtube, Netflix and Amazon video will randomly stop, pause or drop in quality. This is consistent in any streamed content. If I cast my Laptop screen via Chrome Cast it will drop connection or resolution. Any one of 4 security cameras will drop connection fairly randomly, and after they drop they just constantly connect and reconnect until I reset the network and the camera. These things seem to happen on wired and wireless connections I have a netgear ni
  13. Not a brand I had considered, not sure wireless was a direction I was heading, due to the extra weight, Looks to be a high quality versatile option, I like the slick boom mic as well, vs other options I've seen to add a mic to headphones. The more research I do the more I've been leaning towards 2 cheaper sets, A10's with m60 mix amp for Xbox and HyperX cloud Alpha's for PC. But I'm really like to look and versatility of those v-moda's, Not sure if you made my decision easy or harder, lol but I like the alternative option, Thanks
  14. I have a bit of a 1 off situation I'm having a hard time finding the answers I want on I'm looking to invest in a set of headphones to use on my PC and Xbox for gaming Currently I'm using ear buds that came with a phone at some point on my PC and I have a klipsh/onkyo 5.1.2 surround sound setup in the room my Xbox is in. For PC, I want a headset mostly for audio, buying a mic wouldn't be a big deal. Xbox, my situation is different, I have no issues with my surround sound setup, until I want to chat. When using my chat head set it covers my right ear limit
  15. Not those exact ones, both are fairly similar to what I have minus the cable, Should have mentioned, when I hook to my PC the adapters work fine, PC can see the phone, transfer files etc. Its only when the cameras are hooked to it I get nothing. I think it's because of the OTG, I know it's different but not sure how.