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  1. Manage My Cables

    Case Information Needed

    "io" is your input/output so on the front panel you usually have a headphone jack a couple usb ports for easy access. And on the back of the case you have rear io which has everything your pc will need to connect to monitors / internet / and what ever else you need connected.
  2. Manage My Cables

    Case Information Needed

    You have front panel io. And rear io.
  3. Manage My Cables

    Split PSU and case section ?

    just put psu into the search bar.
  4. Manage My Cables

    How much do you spend a year on games?

    Too much
  5. Manage My Cables

    Best Thermal Paste?

    Thermal Grizzly
  6. I'm in the market for a car/truck mountable laptop stand. Rather annoying have to switch seats to the passenger seat to type a email or wreck scrubs on my lunch break. I know gaming in a car is far from ideal but i've been making it work. Thanks
  7. Manage My Cables

    Why is Linustechtips so far behind???

    tech of tomorrow could be sued for what he did and i'm sure amd didn't appreciate it. rip anymore amd review samples from him.
  8. Manage My Cables

    Did I ruin my system?

    If worse comes to worse tell who ever you brought the board off it was doa. Don't mention what happend.
  9. Manage My Cables

    Did I ruin my system?

    Fairly good chance you fried the board. Does your cpu spin up or completely dead?
  10. Manage My Cables

    Battlefield 1 performance

    Most likely the i3 over amd's counter part. But early speculation is hinting towards a i5
  11. Manage My Cables

    On the topic of the hack

    LinusTechTips.com was up for sale for about 2 mins lol. Should have brought it.
  12. Manage My Cables

    Is it safe to buy a windows Key from King Win ?

    Yes, i've brought about 10 from kinguin.com
  13. Manage My Cables

    @LinusTech Twitter Account Hacked

    The lvl 99 meme king himself Linus can't be hacked his dankness keep the shady internet beings at bay.
  14. Manage My Cables

    Problems with temps-H110i GT

    Have to ask. Did you use the correct mounting screws. So many people mess this up and the ihs doesn't make good or any contact.
  15. Manage My Cables

    Western Digital vs Seagate Barracude

    There both the same, the only difference is drive spin speed.
  16. title says it all...
  17. Manage My Cables

    Ford Steals Firewatch Original Artwork

    Shitty cars and commercials...
  18. No, not unless you've been charged with any offence that's on uncles sams no no list. Otherwise there not going to know unless tsa now stalks people on insta/fb/twitter rip.
  19. Manage My Cables

    Corsair Obsidian 750D rubber feet slipping off

    I had the same problem just put a self drilling screw up through the feet into the case.
  20. Manage My Cables

    Looking for ATX/mATX cases for new build

    Would recommend the Corsair 900D
  21. Hello, I have a couple Corsair AF120's. But they have blue L.E.D's the are in each corner of the fan. Is it possible to just cut them out and solder the wires together to complete the circuit? Thanks
  22. Manage My Cables

    Removing L.E.D's From A Corsair AF120?

    Ok thank you!
  23. Why a year? What the F#ck...
  24. Manage My Cables

    Cheap Place to get a windows installtion key?

    Back of your sisters laptop.
  25. Manage My Cables

    How to clean under a flat keyboard?

    So I was eating a sandwich while browsing YouTube. I'm expecting computer parts so I jumped out of my chair and raced to the door because aussie posties are ninja and in my area all seem to be allergic to doors and don't knock. When I get back to my keyboard it has a few crumbs on it so I brush them off and relies my "W" key isn't working. The keyboard is like a mac and has those flat keys that only stick a couple milometers out of the board. Thanks